Zoli’s 2020 Wish List

by Pub Sports Radio

During the beginning of each new year, it is human nature to look back at the highlights of our own memories, accomplishments, and even struggles. Every individual wants to go into the new year with something they can enhance their own life by doing.

Sometimes, we “wish“ for things they may not directly affect our own lives, but the presence and impact of the results is a virtue we want. I’m wishing for some things involving my favorite sports teams in 2020.

San Antonio Spurs: I wish for more videos of the Coyote doing silly things

This isn’t the San Antonio Spurs basketball I know. 14-19? Losing record? 8th seed? All these concepts seem foreign to myself, but you know what, this franchise has earned my respect and they will continue to receive it until I go up and join Commissioner Stern (RIP)

In Pop we trust 2020. You know what I do want out of the Spurs though?

Coyote making a fool out of himself.

Remember that one video last season when he draped a Batman costume and captured a bat that flew from above the stadium lights?

I was smiling like a fool at my phone. We need more coyote mischief and ASAP!

Houston Astros: I wish for a revenge tour

Are the Astros cheaters?

Well, there are skewed videos, I say skewed because it felt as if majority of the individuals who were pushing the video, to an emphasis, were all salty Yankee fans and for that, the validity of the claims to ME are FAKE NEWS as of now.

You know the whole “innocent until proven guilty” mantra, that’s the card im playing right now.

We let the world series slip away last year to the Nats. No love lost to them really, they were honestly quite a fun and compelling team to watch and I wish nothing against them. Rematch 2020 would be reasonable want for any Houston fan.

On the other hand, the Yankees… oooooh… the Yankees, how I want another matchup in the ALCS with them. Not only are their core players in Stanton and Judge healthy for the start of the season, they flexed their pocketbooks and stole our diamond.

Theyyyy took errrr ace pitcher.

The empire must fall again.

Chelsea F.C.- I wish for Patience

You think the negative energy shafted towards players for American sports teams is bad? Have you ever ventured down the social media comments on your favorite European soccer team?

Goodness gracious, some of these dudes have the patience of a 8 yr. old kid that was “promised” an item but hasn’t quite reaped the benefit yet.

We are young, like super young. Half of our starting 11 is under the age of 26.

We were delt with a transfer ban that shafted our plans to improve our squad thus actually forcing the Blues to utilize the amazing talent they’ve holstered in their youth academies. We are in good hands. Just take a breather fans and put trust in Frank.

Denver BroncosI wish for a 24/7 security team on QB Drew Lock

​I must hand it to the Broncos. In the beginning of the year they looked like a squad struggling to find any consistent play on both sides or field. A couple of coupling injuries and a shakyoffense front let to an abysmal (3-8) before Thanksgiving weekend, but since that week they have turned things around, in fact, winning 4 of their last 5 and closing out the season 2nd in the AFC west.

They benched Joe Flacco in favor of rookie Drew Lock. Although not producing eye catching numbers, Drew has done just enough in his 4 starts to lift spirts up and give new hope to the Mile-High city, as we turn the page into next season.

Dallas CowboysI wish for a new owner

​​Someone with a boat load of money please buy this team.

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