Zion Williamson’s Legal Trouble, Asked to Testify About Benefits while at Duke

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Zion Williamson’s Legal Trouble, Asked to Testify About Benefits while at Duke

One of the hottest topics surrounding college sports recently has been whether or not college athletes should get paid, should be allowed to make money from endorsements, and more. There is no easy way to answer this question and each person will have a different opinion on it. No matter how someone sees, really the only thing that matters are the players and universities continue to break rules and try to find ways around them. The latest version of this issue has come out earlier this week from Duke University regarding their former superstar and eventual first overall pick in the NBA Draft, Zion Williamson.

Williamson is being accused of taking extra benefits from that university that did not just stem from him but all the way to his parents receiving things as well. The issue started when he originally signed with Ford Company and Prime Sports. While under contract he took them to court and filed a lawsuit to be able to back out of this contract. The company is firing back at him by requesting him to go under oath and either admit to taking these benefits or saying no. This creates an interesting case and puts the rookie forward in a very tough situation that does not really see a winning endpoint for him. 


If the Pelican star says yes, then he basically throws Duke under the bus and could create punishments for the blue blood university along with creating problems in his own case with having backed out of the previous deals. The Williamson family is being accused of accepting money from Nike and Adidas, along with other benefits. The Ford company is also claiming not only did he accept these benefits but his part demanded them before committing to the university.

If Williamson says no then the question will stem is he lying under oath or telling the truth. If he does declare that he did not take any benefits it will be interesting to see if the side accusing him retaliates even more with any evidence to prove of lying or if they will drop it altogether. Gina Ford, Zion’s former agent, is the one trying to get him under oath so there is obviously still an issue between the two parties that was never settled. The Ford, Prime Sports Company clearly wants revenge in this situation.  

At this point with all the different recruiting issues that take place, it is hard to believe that there would be no benefits involved with a superstar like this. This case will be important to take notice if something spirals out of control for Zion or even Duke. Top programs like Kansas and Louisville are already currently under investigation so if another program gets added to this in Duke, power-house  College teams continue to get a bad look. 

Finally, how much longer does the NCAA put up with this? Paying the athletes is one thing, but with the amount of money universities can make off of these players names should say something about allowing players to get endorsement deals or help from agents. This is something that the NCAA really needs to dive into to figure out the benefits of holding back along with the benefits of allowing it. 

Williamson will have 30 days in total to figure out what he wants to do and respond to this issue and future lawsuit. The two sides continued to battle alongside each other since Zion backed out. Ford is seeking 100 million dollars from Zion’s party for backing out of the previous contract. As things continue to unravel and the world waits for Zion’s answer, look back to Pub Sports Radio for what happens in the near future.  

This will be tough to tell which side is telling the truth because both sides are clearly not happy with one another and holding some type of grudge. This will be very noteworthy on how it plays out and what it will mean going forward. Either way, it is not a good look for both sides of this, but especially for Williamson’s party first backing out of a contract then if he is found guilty even worse.

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