Zion Williamson Ordered to Testify? Andrew Explains.

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Zion Williamson Ordered to Testify? Andrew Explains.

By Andrew Santangelo (@Aj_santangelo)



Oklahoma State was of many potential schools to receive their NCAA sanctions as a result of a federal investigation into playing players. Many deemed these to be too harsh once given the one-year postseason ban. Other schools could be Kansas, Auburn, and Arizona. On top of this, the NCAA has to deal with the Zion Williamson case mentioned a month ago. 

The world is still awaiting the final ruling in this Williamson case.  The first legal battle stems from Williamson having agreed to a five-year contract with Ford and Prime Sports Marketing LLC after declaring for the draft. However, four weeks later, he wanted out of the agreement to sign with Creative Arts Agency. With the former Duke star terminating that first contract that left the Ford, and Prime Sports unhappy, having them file a lawsuit for $100 million for breaking the contract and allowing the CAA to cause the conflict. Along with presenting the trial, the Ford company is also accusing Williamson knew his mother, Sharonda Sampson, and stepfather, Lee Anderson was receiving illegal benefits throughout his time at the University. His former agency wants him to have to answer questions on the situation. The family lawyers trying to protect him filed to have him not answer questions stating it is “invasive and irrelevant” for the case.


The update to the story here is that the state judge in Florida denied the Williamson families’ protective order, which would have allowed him to avoid answering questions in court over the possibility of any Duke benefits. David Miller, the Court Judge of the case, has ruled that the current Pelicans rookie will indeed have to answer questions on the benefits he and his family were receiving while attending Duke University.  The Williamson party expected to appeal a decision made by a Florida Judge to have him answer questions for the same reason as they stated before it is irrelevant to the situation. 

The “benefits” the rookie deemed of accepting were “receiving housing and luxury cars in his parents’ name in exchange for going to the prestigious university,” according to the agent for Ford company. This meant that his parents were living in a North Carolina home owned by graduates of Duke while having several luxury cars registered this his parents at the house. 

This will leave the NCAA in another tough situation, depending on how this legally plays out. The NCAA is already busy trying to finish up the previous allegations mentioned early. Once they finish, those have to figure they would turn their attention here. The other question is, how much did Duke know? According to some lawyers for Prime Sports, Zion should not have been eligible to even play college sports with what was going on. 

If Duke is found to have been hiding this along with giving the family along with Zion benefits, they could be found in more trouble than anyone could initially imagine. This case seems to get more intense each time new reports are released. As we await further information on the possible appeal and the decision of that holding or being reversed, it is exciting to think about anything else that possibly have been going on.

College Sports seem to have more issues regarding recruiting violations more and more each year. It is seriously time to reevaluate what is in place and find a way to get these schools on the same page once again. Everyone will continue to look for some advantage or a way around a rule, but what is going on is more than just some small issue. With the significant case they are dealing with currently with a multitude of Division I schools involved to where they are now an issue that needs to be fixed for the future. The NCAA needs some consistency in its rulings as well.

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