Worthy: An Avengers Endgame Review

by Taco Joe
The Endgame Spoiler Ban has officially been lifted. This will be chock full of spoilers.
Was Tony worthy of final rest? Was Thor still worth being himself? Was Steve worthy outside of the bottle that made him? Was Clint worthy of having a family? Was Natasha worthy of being the sacrifice? Was Bruce worthy of taming the beast?

The answer to all of these questions is yes. A resounding, fantastic, tear-jerking yes. I’ve said this previously, I’ve been working towards this movie my whole life, in a way we all have. We’ve seen these characters get their start, we’ve seen them triumph over Nazi’s, Aliens, and even each other. We saw them lose in a way that no one thought was possible. We saw them cope, or do their best in trying. The fact that they kept trying even though the world literally fell apart is one of the things that made them worthy. In true Captain America fashion, they got beaten down, they lost, but they kept going. All of them in their own way. Cap helped survivors with the meetings he held, Tony settled down and started his family, Professor Hulk kept on with his research and was a kind of light in the darkness to the hearts of children, Nat kept the Avengers going and tried to keep some semblance of peace throughout the galaxy, and Hawkeye took to the streets and cleaned out the people who he thought didn’t deserve to live.

Thor was the interesting one. Out of everyone who lost, he might’ve lost the most. His home, his family, so many of his friends, he even lost the thing that told him that he was worthy of being a god. His mother told him something that will always stick with me “EVERYONE FAILS AT WHO THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE, THOR. A MEASURE OF A PERSON, OF A HERO, IS HOW WELL THEY SUCCEED AT BEING WHO THEY ARE.”
Then he got Mjolnir back. When he was in Asgard he summoned Mjolnir and it came back into his hands. He was a slob, a drunk, a recluse who didn’t want to go outside. He was a deeply depressed, sad, bitter, shell of what he once was, he blamed himself for everything that had happened, but he decided to stop being who he’s supposed to be, and decided to be who he was, Thor, the god of thunder.
Then Steve, a skinny kid from Brooklyn summoned Mjolnir, and it came. Thus proving that it’s not the muscles, or the shield, or the stars and stripes that made Steve special. It wasn’t that he knocked ole Adolf in the jaw, and it wasn’t that he fought off Hydra in the elevator, it’s the fact that no matter how many times he got beaten down, Steve Rogers stood back up. That’s what made him worthy.
Natasha embodied the idea of Whatever it Takes. She fought to her literal last breath to get Clint back to his family. She was willing to die for the cause and that made her sacrifice worthy of the Soul Stone.
Hawkeye was worthy of having a family. He did horrible things, to horrible people, and he was willing to jump off that ledge instead of Natasha. She deemed him worthy of being happy with his family again, and he fought for his life to earn that in the battle that ensued.
Bruce finally tamed the beast inside of him. He realized that the Hulk was as much of him as Bruce is. He realized that the thing that he thought was wrong with him was actually half of what makes him what he truly is, a hero.
Tony was worthy in another way. Years of drinking, being selfish, being greedy, were redeemed when he said he was Iron Man. Then came the PTSD, the fear of impending doom, the anger at Cap, then the guilt of letting the world down. Tony was tired after a lifetime of being the hero. When Tony snapped his fingers and said the immortal words “I am Iron Man” at the end he sacrificed himself, but he didn’t want to leave, there is still so much that has to happen, but Pepper comes to him and tells him to rest, he then deems himself worthy of the rest that he has so long desired.
Worth is not about the mistakes that you’ve made, even though it seems like it is. Worth is not about what you’ve become, even though you may think that’s what it is. Worth isn’t a measure of what you’ve accomplished, and it’s not a measure of talent or strength.
Worth is knowing who you are no matter what has happened to you. Worth is getting back up no matter how many times you’ve been pushed down. Worth is sacrificing yourself for the greater good. Worth is loving those around you and fighting for them. Worth is accepting who you are. Worth is having the ability to start something amazing, fight for it for over a decade, and then know when to pass it on.
Avengers, and everyone who has helped with it along the way Thank You for showing us that we are worthy.
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