Who’s Under Center? Jamar Brown’s Takes on UTSA Signal Callers

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UTSA’s Stable of QBs

Ever since Dalton Sturm left, UTSA has been searching for a legitimate answer at quarterback. I was sent a tweet this morning from my friend Ben that got the creative juices flowing. The tweet was from one of the many QBs on UTSA’s roster, Lowell Narcisse. In the tweet, Narcisse says, “It’s all personal from here out….”. This comes on the heels of UTSA announcing the transfer of experienced grad-transfer Josh Adkins. Frank Harris is also apparently healthy, and JoJo Weeks is also on the team still. There is also an incoming freshman named Cameron Peters who could shake things up. All these things coming together lit a fire under me, and I had to write about it. Also, due to the circumstances of the world, I have plenty of free time on my hands and online classes will be the death of me. Today, I’d like to take an in-depth look at all of the signal callers currently expected to be present for UTSA whenever the season starts. Let’s get to it.

Cameron Peters, Incoming Fr.

Yet another new face for the Roadrunners that can play. He looks the part standing at 6’3 and from the film I watched, he’s got a decent arm. He’s listed as a pro-style quarterback but has some dual-threat ability that’s apparent from his size and speed. He appears to be a downhill runner who seemed comfortable with lowering his shoulder in the high school game. That’ll all need to change in college which I’m sure will come with coaching. He ran an interesting offense which seemed dependent on him making most of his throws outside the pocket while on the run. When he had a clean pocket, however, it looked like he had no problem stepping up and lobbing the ball 40 yards downfield. He’s a project right now, but since he’ll be the youngest QB on the roster, you might see him compete for the starting job 2-3 years down the road.

Suddin Sapien, Rs. Fr.

This kid might be the hardest to project heading into next season. He’s got the size and arm you want from your QB. He threw and ran a lot when he was in high school. He even enrolled early at UTSA to get a jump on learning the playbook in 2019. In high school, he seemed confident enough to tuck the ball and use that 6’4, 220-pound frame to just bully kids, and that might translate very well to the college game where it seems like he’s still pretty big for his position. He can also put some zip on the ball which helps him fit the ball into tight spaces. I just feel like he might get lost in the rotation. He’s heading into next season competing against 4 different quarterbacks who all have starts (and some success) under their belts. He’s another guy that can compete for the job in 2-3 years and might win it when it comes time. It’s all just a waiting game at this point.

Jordan “Jojo” Weeks, So.

In all honesty, he’s my favorite for the job. He’s got everything you want from your go-to guy. Size? 6’4, 225. Experience? Heading into his third year with the team. Arm? Most definitely. Look at the final scoring drive against FAU. He even showed that he could run the ball which personally surprised me. When I look at him physically, I see Andrew Luck. No, he’s not Luck, but combine the size with the arm and the ability to run the ball, he’s at the very least a retired Andrew luck. He never got the opportunity because Frank Wilson was at a point in his career where it was either start Frank Harris, or risk being ridiculed by the UTSA fan base for the rest of the season (which happened anyway). We’re talking about a kid who threw for 4,400 yards as a senior in high school. I believe that he should get a fair shot. This spring was going to be huge for him but due to circumstances that are out of his control, he’s going to have to rely on summer (hopefully) and fall camps to show that he deserves the job.

Lowell Narcisse, Jr.

Let it be known, although JoJo is my favorite, I’d love for Lowell to win this job. He came into last year as the back-up and due to injury, was forced into the starting job. When Harris went down against UNT, Narcisse hadn’t taken a meaningful snap. He started slowly against the Mean Green, a game that UTSA was getting blown out in, but progressively got better, even making a terrific throw to Tyriq Woolen. That symbolized Narcisse’s season: he just got better and better with each game. Had he been in a more creative offensive scheme, he could’ve probably done some big things last year, but Wilson’s offense was boring and predictable. He’d probably be the favorite for the job next year if it wasn’t for this next man. Let us not forget, he was recruited to LSU as a 4-star recruit. That’s pretty good.

Frank Harris, Jr.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before; Frank Harris wins the job but goes down with a season-ending injury and is replaced by his second option. Frank Harris might just be the most injury-prone star UTSA has ever had. The flashes are there. He finally made his debut in his 3rd season on campus and for the most part, didn’t disappoint. He took off against UIW, made some decent plays in losses to Baylor and Army. Then came the UNT game. The pocket collapsed, and so did something on Frank’s arm. I don’t know if we ever got a definite answer from Wilson about what was injured, but my guess is a hand injury. Either way, this was just the latest chapter in injuries that prolonged the potential of Frank Harris. Moving on to his game, he throws fastballs like nobody’s business. If you aren’t prepared to catch it as a receiver, you will lose your head. He’s also fast. Like, freakishly fast. My biggest issue with that is that he can’t seem to just wait in the pocket for a play to develop and tries to force too many things. Yes, part of that is because the UTSA o-line couldn’t protect the QB to save their life, but another part is because it just seemed wired in Frank’s head to run the ball like it was instinctive.  Patience is the biggest thing Frank needs to work on. Heading into next season, he’s likely still the favorite due to talent and being a local product who the public has been begging for. 

Josh Adkins, Grad-Transfer.

Coming home for a fresh start always seems like the best thing to do for anybody who’s fallen on hard times. That’s exactly what Adkins will be doing this upcoming season. I’ll be honest, I’m a little jealous of the fact that he was able to graduate college two years ahead of me when we graduated high school at the same time. The Smithson Valley prospect committed to New Mexico State out of high school and after a redshirt season won the job and kept it for two whole years. It wasn’t until injury last season that he ever had a thought about leaving Las Cruces. What Adkins brings is experience. And I mean legit experience. Last season, he started against Washington State, Ole Miss and some school from Tuscaloosa. Granted, those all ended in blowout losses. But Frank Harris and Lowell Narcisse got blown out against a disappointing UNT squad. Just so we’re not giving Adkins too much credit, he did throw more interceptions than touchdowns this season and only won two games, one of which came against UIW, an FCS school. Adkins could very likely be the starter heading into Death Valley on September 5th due to big-game experience and being shiny and new to the program. 

If the returning quarterbacks are taking this Adkins signing as personal as Narcisse tweeted about, it’ll be a very competitive summer. Coach Traylor has his work cut out for him in his first year.

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