Who Won And Who Lost At Thursday’s NBA Draft?

by Pub Sports Radio Admin

LOSER- The NBA Draft Viewer- Let’s be honest about last night, the broadcast was a complete mess. Let’s start with the people on it. I’m good with Rece Davis, he occasionally has a good one liner and he actually is pretty knowledgeable. Bilas knows a ton, has a wide knowledge of the players and he will rail against the NCAA which we all like. He also has the ability to know how players will fit at the next level. The real problem last night was Chauncey Billups. What was the point of him on the broadcast?The player comparisons were awful and he clearly showed many times, he had little knowledge of anyone past the top 10. I will never understand the thought process behind pulling the legendary Fran Frachilla, he would kill it with literally knowing the top 60 picks taken and is as good as anyone with the international talent. Why not throw him in as the third and have Woj and the Schmidt guy as well. Another thing that made it tough to follow for most was the amount of trades and the fact that nothing is official until July 6th. It was a complete mess to keep track and today I’m still figuring out who went where. In all, there were 26 proposed deals when we were all said and done. To be honest you could’ve tried to learn my native language of Albanian and had a better grasp of it then last night at times during the broadcast.

WINNER- Atlanta Hawks- With this one, i’m not really telling anyone anything surprising but what a night and what a past few years for the Hawks. Last year they grab Trae Young who ended up having a great season and is a cornerstone for years to come plus John Collins the year before. Fast forward to last night you pull off a trade and move up and take the best defensive player in the draft DeAndre Hunter who is terrific on the wing and will give this group a much needed presence late in games to get a stop. At 10, they grab Cam Reddish who can bomb it from anywhere and next to Trae Young, man oh man is that gonna be fun. Early in his career, he has two jobs: spot up from 3 and knock them down and play some solid defense. The final pick of the night was chiseled big man Bruno Fernando, a guy that can play multiple positions and brings them a ton of energy and actually is very solid offensively. Hes played the game since he was 9 and my comp was Jusuf Nurkic. I rated him the best center in the draft. A hell of a night for an upstart team. i’d be excited in A-Town.

LOSER- Philadelphia 76ers- A weird night for Philly. It started pretty well as they moved up to take defensive specialist Matisse Thybulle. I loved the pick. They needed a guy who can defend at a high level plus he was a 38 percent 3 pt shooter in his career at Washington. I think he is a really good bench guy at this level. Think Andre Roberson. But then the Sixers did what they do best, ruin draft night and screw it up. Coming into the night, they had 5 picks, 3 of them very early in the 2nd round, they traded all of them away for cash and by the end of the night made one other pick, Marial Shayok a 24 year old guard who cant defend and is very slow. I didn’t have him being selected and if there were 70 picks he wouldn’t have been drafted. Blah. The explanation was they wanted to acquire as much cash as possible for free agency. The problem is they have no bench and still don’t after the draft. 2nd round guys are cheap early on and provide solid minutes in a spot you need them to. Instead Elton Brand pisses them away with some pipe dream of big time free agents. The problem is none of them want to come here and Jimmy Butler will likely walk and even if you retain him, this current team is not as good as last years which by the way isn’t good enough to win anyway. What a mess developing in South Philly. I could go on hours about the ineptitude of this team and organization but i’ll spare you the gory details.

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By the way shout out to Nickeil Alexander-Walker on his ensemble choice last night… definitely won best dressed IMO. Love the snakeskin and loafers!

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