Welcome to The Backyard

by Pub Sports Radio

One of my fondest memories of my teenage years is actually pretty relatable to most teenagers. The tame memory that surfaces every once in a while, were those simple nights were you and your friends really had no responsibilities. Your only plan for the night was to sit out in one of your friend’s backyard, sip some brews, and just talk. If you were present around those nights, you were most likely respected by everyone around. 

With that being said, I’m opening up my internet backyard to those who garnered my respect this week. 

  1. Former Oregon Ducks WR Keanon Lowe 

A former Oregon Ducks football player was credited with saving the life of an 18-yr. old student and potentially others last week, when he prevented a shooting from happening at Parkrose High school in Portland, Oregon. 

The student, whom from the accounts reported by the Portland Police Department, had no intention of attacking any students rather so taking his own life. 

Lowe, who doubles as a coach and a security guard, handled the situation with as much empathy and situational awareness as one could. 

A video surfaced around the internet which showed Lowe comforting and disarming the individual who clearly looked distressed. That’s what we need more in this world, love, and empathy my friends.

Welcome to the backyard Mr. Lowe 

  1. Houston Astros 2B Jose Altuve

Altuve delivered a walk-off home run that clinched a World Series appearance, all while instantly muting one of the most arrogant and annoying fan bases in sports. Altuve is undoubtedly bound for Cooperstown and will go down as one of the greatest 2B to play the game. 

Welcome to the backyard Jose 

  1. Whoever Makes Spooky Cookies

I love Halloween cookies. Love the decorations that go on them and the taste. 

So, for all the bakers out there, welcome to the backyard



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