Weekend Recap: Spurs Win, Golden Knights Win x2, Oyster Bake was Awesome, and Vlog #3 will drop soon

by Taco Joe
Where to begin?
Lets start with a quick recap of Oyster Bake.
So for those of you who aren’t natives to the Alamo City, Oyster Bake is the Official Kickoff to the Fiesta Season here in town. Fiesta is a “10 Day” long celebration commemorating the defeat of Santa Anna and the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto. Oyster Bake is essentially a Music Festival, a Carnival, and a Family Birthday party all rolled up into one. Our man Austin got to experience his first one and he had a blast.
The Vlog recapping the day will drop by Friday so keep your eyes peeled.
Spurs Win
Ahhhhhh, Playoffs in San Antonio is like Christmas in New York, or New England in Fall, it’s simply one of the best times of the year. Everyone is wearing Spurs gear, GO SPURS GO chants happen at random, and often, not to mention the Raptors lost cause Kawhi, missed a game winner, so before the game even started we had a win.
Then the game happened, the passes where there, the defense was decent, and even though LA and Demar had off nights the SA bench helped get a road win in the first game. I left out Derrick White because he was on a different level Saturday night, that dunk will live in Denver Nuggets Infamy for the rest of time.
I said if we can get out of Denver there’s nothing we can’t do, so far we are 1-0. I’m not saying Larry #6, but I’m also not saying that.
Las Vegas Golden Knights
I don’t know much about hockey, I’ll say that out front, but man do I love watching my Misfits play. With five goals on Friday night and six on Sunday these boys are hungry, feisty, and fast. In yesterday’s game they scored in the opening minute of each period, Stone had a Hat trick, and i saw my first real hockey tilt. This sport will never beat out Football or Basketball, but I love watching this sport.
All in all a pretty good weekend, check out the Podcast tonight to hear all this and more! only on Pub Sports Radio.
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