Video Game Reviews: Doug Flutie Maximum Football 2019

by Pub Sports Radio

So, I was on the 10-day IR list this week (wisdom teeth) and had a bunch of time on my hands. Naturally, I accomplished very little for what I actually planned to do. What I did accomplish this week was some quality time on my PS4. 

I was scrolling through the PlayStation Store and one particular game caught my eye. Doug Flutie Maximum Football 2019. 

 Oh sweet, a football game that wasn’t developed by the soul crusher Electronic Arts

Now for a hefty price of $30 (it’s an indie game) I decided to buy-in. 

Off the bat, my initial reaction towards the game is the same as it is now. 

It’s Bad… but I will not slander it too much 

For all who don’t know, the NCAA had filed lawsuit claims against video game developers claiming that players were not getting compensated due to the in-game “likeness” portrayed through the video games put out by Electronic Arts. The video games were just a small pillar in the on-going “pay the athletes” dispute and unfortunately, it took away a gem.

I will admit though, throughout my childhood the NCAA Football series brought some joy, as those games were straight-up fun! 

Back to this game, the graphics reminded me of something straight out of a SEGA Genesis game and the gameplay controls were a bit odd. It was actually quite hard to get my offense going, as every time I dropped back into a pass, the AI (which actually very intelligent), would pressure me like the 1984 Chicago Bears. 

On a positive side, this game brought back some aspects that I love in a sports game. You basically get to customize over 150+ USA and Canadian college teams; all the way down from the team to the players. It has a pretty deep recruiting system, with an actual adequate and quite challenging system (it even gave quirky facts about each player.) 

Overall Review: I’ll give this game the benefit of the doubt, it was created by a very small Canadian development team and by small, I mean like 3 people small. I appreciate everything they have done as jumping through the restrictions put forth by the NCAA is no joke. I will gladly give my $ to anybody trying to develop a product like that when essentially the market is non- existent

(5/10): If you’re a football enthusiast you’ll have fun, but don’t put too much stock into it. 

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