The UTSA Men’s Basketball Games I Am Most Excited For

by Taco Joe


Our beloved UTSA Men’s Basketball team released their schedule last week. For you new readers, I’ll say this much, I love UTSA Basketball as much as I love the Spurs. This team has brought me some of the highest points in my college career, grinding it out in the Historic Convo on Thursdays and Saturdays with the Pep Band has helped me make some of the best friends I’ll ever have. My love for this team got me a genuine friendship with a Point Guard that will write his name in the Italian League record books when its all said and done, and it got me my first interview with a D1 Head Coach. Football may be king in Texas, but in San Antonio, basketball is Parliament. 


After the deeply depressing conclusion to last season, we Roadrunner fans held our heads high. We had one of the most successful seasons in team history, we had the greatest comeback in school history, we had one of the best scoring duos in the country and we had the best coach in the conference. All that hope, along with one of, if not the best recruiting class the Birds have ever had has every UTSA fan literally counting down the days till tipoff. In honor of it being so close, I’ve decided to talk about in order of scheduling which games I’m most excited about in the coming season. 


  1. Texas State

Ahhh the I-35 Rivalry, or at least the real one. We own the cats in Football, but when it comes to basketball this rivalry goes farther back than just 2012, the first time these two schools met on the hardwood was 1985 so there is a real history between the two programs. Anytime we beat the Bobcats is a good day for us, and anytime they beat us is a good day for them. Expect an all-out war in San Marcos when The Roadrunners come to town. 


  1. Southern Miss

I hate this school. I hate their arena, I hate their town, I hate their mascot, I hate Brett Favre (not really) and I hate their ridiculously overrated wing place. There are many schools that I don’t like in this conference (pretty much all of them) but none have given me a more upsetting loss in basketball than USM. This game will be me settling a personal vendetta that I have for the Golden Eagles. I really really dislike this school. 


  1. UTEP

I love beating up on UTEP. I love that we play them in a home-away back to back every year. I love that our hand sign is essentially the same (palms out forever) and I love that our colors are literally the same. UTEP is a basketball school with a bad basketball team. Every time we play them I watch Glory Road just to get myself amped up to beat a team that once was so important. Just typing this out gets me pumped for the absolute beat down that we’re going to put on the Miners. 


  1. Old Dominion

The ODU-UTSA games where probably CUSA’s best games of last year. Any fan of either team will tell you that. I’d love to rehash the comeback again and I probably will in the coming weeks, but right now I’m just excited to see two of the crown jewel programs of CUSA go head to head. Both teams are solid (even tho BJ Stith finally left thank the maker) and any game played between the two teams is sure to excite. 


  1. Western Kentucky

WKU is one of those teams that I just love to hate. Not in a USM kinda way where they have personally hurt me, but in a more “your mascot is ridiculous, your colors bore me and your team always gives us a great game” kinda way. In the January meeting of the two schools our Jhivahn Jackson put up a whopping 46 points in the overtime Hilltopper’s victory, then when we played again in the Historic Convo UTSA pulled it out in another overtime thriller. These two teams match up so well against each other and both have a very real Home Court advantage.


Needless to say, I’m very excited for this upcoming season. It’s going to be one to remember. 


Go Runners.

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