UTSA Top Ten Places To Eat: Part 2

by Taco Joe
Quick run down of our list so far.
10 Engineering Einsteins Bagels
9 Slice
8 Greens To Go
7 Rowdy’s Global KItchen
6 Chik-Fil-a
#5. SU Starbucks
I’m gonna say it. JPL Starbucks is over hyped. Almost everything in the Paeseo is just generally better, not to mention the line is never as long, the inside part is great, and AGAIN THE LINE ISN’T THAT LONG. Not a huge Starbucks guy, but when I want a mocha on a chilly November day, I go to the SU Starbucks.
#4. Sushic
I might get more hate for this one than I did for CFA. Don’t get it twisted though, I love Suchic. My only real complaint is that you have to dedicate like 45 minutes to getting your food. The rice, meat, veggies, and sauce are all phenomenal, but that wait just kills me. Granted, the food is good enough to put Sushic in the top five, but the wait is the only thing keeping it from being any higher.
#3. HEB SU Subway
All the same reasons that the SU Starbucks is better, but this place has like real food.
#2. Panda Express
Ahhhh, Panda Express, how I love thee. Your Chow Mein and fried rice bring me comfort, your Orange Chicken and Beijing Beef occupy my thoughts during Spanish tests. I love this place, but the price keeps me from getting it more than I would if it was less expensive.
#1. Chili’s Too
I know, I know, almost no one will agree with this. But we have basically a full fledged Chili’s on campus. They just don’t serve the unpopular stuff, and they have pretty decent lunch deals, and the food gets to you in reasonable time. An added bonus that I’m yet to take advantage of because of legal reasons is the fact that Chili’s Too has Drinks, so yeah.
That’s it, that’s the list.
Go Runners.
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