UTSA set to finish 9th by Preseason CUSA Baseball rankings

by Taco Joe

Doubt us, look over us, think we’re nothing, forget about us, think whatever you want about us because I guarantee you, you will remember our names.

The Longhorns overlooked us until our bats woke up in the late innings, The Mustard Buzzards thought nothing of us till I made their ears bleed. Rice, Southern Miss, and UAB got stunned when we took series wins against them, and WKU felt our wrath in the conference tournament.

Speaking of the conference tournament, last season we limped into the bracket at the last possible moment in the season and finished in the semi-finals. Time and time again people doubted us and all season long we showed them who we were.

Look I get it, the Birdbath isn’t like the rest of the conferences minor league stadiums, so people think they’re better than us when they come down here. But I promise you, as long as the sun rises in the east when an opposing team comes to UTSA they’re in for a hell of a time.

Bring on the Horns, Dogs, Panthers, Owls and the Irish. I’ll take my guys over anyone.

Welcome to the age of Hallmark, CUSA. UTSA Baseball is bigger, faster, and meaner. You thought last year was rough? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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