A tale of Roadrunners, Owls, and A Rolling Tide

by Taco Joe

In their 128 year history, the Crimson Tide has played its fair share of giants. One of those behemoths being The Rice Owls. In the Tide’s three encounters with William Marshall Rice University, Bama was unable to beat the Owls at all. On that same token, the Bad Birds from Babcock, our very own Roadrunners of UTSA have beaten the Mighty Owls the last 5 times they have played them.

What do these numbers mean you may ask? I’ll tell you.

In the trio of battles between the Pride of Alabama and Houston’s Dirty Birds, the Tide failed to eclipse 20 points scored in any given game, losing by as much as 20 by means of a shutout in their second encounter. The 17x national champions played all three of these games in the State of Texas so one could lend the idea to a home-field advantage for RIce. All I know is that there is no responsible way that I, as a journalist, can claim that the Crimson Tide is better than the Owls if they’ve never even beaten them.

I can, as a journalist, state that the Roadrunners of UTSA are a better team than the Owls. In 8 all-time meetings, the Roadrunners have taken the last five, leading the rivalry 5-3 all time. (for those of you keeping score, that’s five more wins than Bama has against the Owls) This series has been immensely more balanced. The Owls, with rich football history, took a 3-0 lead in the first three games against the upstart Roadrunners. Once the ‘Runners got their feet under them in their fifth year of play, they beat the Owls 34-24, and never looked back. Let it be known that the Crimson Tide only scored 5 more points in all three encounters with the Owls than the Roadrunners did in only their first matchup.

The Roadrunners and the Crimson Tide have never played. So to say that one team is outright better than the other is unfair to both programs, but with some simple logic, and looking at one of their few mutual opponents, it’s obvious. 5 wins all-time is more wins than 0, that’s just flat out math, ergo The Young Roadrunners are exponentially better than the Crimson Tide. Don’t Beleive me? Look at the series matchups yourself.

UTSA v Rice 

Alabama v Rice 

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