UTSA Football Finally Frees Rowdy

by Taco Joe

Yesterday, the Official UTSA Football Twitter announced that they were going to let the fans decide what logo will be on the football helmets this Saturday either the State of Texas Logo that we have been using for the past few seasons, or the Rowdy Head logo that we used back in the Coker days. Pretty run of the mill social media stuff right?

Well, it isn’t that simple.

Here at UTSA we like to make much ado about nothing, especially on Twitter.  We like to get into fights with each other about meaningless things, make memes about it, watch the game, then do it all again the next week. Some might say that Twitter Wars are to UTSA are what Yell Practice is to the Aggies. It’s our holy tradition, sacred above most, if not all else. We as Roadrunners love to get in the mud and argue with each other. It’s in our blood.

Ever since Coach Wilson got to town the team has used the State of Texas as their primary football logo. One of the only true unifying things in this fanbase is that we generally dislike this logo. We seriously argue about everything except for this. (and even then we argue about this) There have been hundreds of posts and comments to #FreeRowdy and put the Rowdy head back on our helmets, and until yesterday we thought we were speaking to a brick wall.

Now UTSA has finally heard our pleas and as of the time this blog is being written, the Rowdy Heads will return on the Bad Birds from Babcock’s helmets in our final home game of the year.

Since the Texas logo came to be there have been chatters of a “curse” that we’ll continue to be mediocre and lose games until we #FreeRowdy, so we’ll see this weekend as the Birds take on the Lane Kiffin and the FAU Owls. They’re a good team with the best coach in CUSA, but we have Rowdy Helmets, so let’s see how this goes.

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