‘Ugly Dolls’ What Parents Need to Know

by Pub Sports Radio Admin
San Antonio – Parents need to know that UglyDolls is about a group of plushy toys who learn they’re worthy of love despite their unconventional looks.
While that core message is undeniably positive, other messages weaken its impact, including catchy songs that tell listeners they’re unworthy if they’re “ugly” and that it’s important to follow conventional beauty standards if you want others to like you. Adults are likely to understand that these lyrics aren’t intended to be taken at face value, but that’s much less certain for kids. Happily, other songs have more positive messages — including “your differences make you special.” And characters demonstrate perseverance and teamwork in pursuing their goals. There’s a bit more scary stuff and violence than parents might expect, including hand-to-hand combat (no blood or injuries); several scenes in which characters fall or are pushed from great heights or down dark, scary holes; and a very frightening bit in which dolls are threatened with being “recycled” and are almost shredded by a big, loud, monster-like machine with sharp metal teeth. There’s no sex or romance, but a male character offers his crush a bottle of sparkling wine and asks whether she can feel the “energy” between them. A few characters are stereotyped as “mean girls”; they do the bad guy’s dirty work and talk in a clichéd way about boys, hairstyles, and makeup. Other characters are more sympathetic, including a doll who’s dreaming of having a child to love her and a girl who’s been trying to appear perfect and learns that she’s lovable even if she’s not.
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