UFC Vegas 9 Is Going To Be FUN

by Pub Sports Radio

UFC Vegas 9 Is Going To Be FUN

By: Clint MacLean (@DieHardMMAPod)


It’s a strange thing in the sport of MMA how some of the best match-ups and the biggest names in the sport can lead to dull nights. Remember when Derrick Lewis fought Francis Ngannou? That fight had fireworks written all over it. Two of the biggest bodies we have ever seen and two of the biggest power punchers ever to grace the octagon in the same cage, and we were treated to quite literally the most boring fight in UFC history. Then you get these fight nights where you hardly know a name on the card, but somehow you have the time of your life watching slugfests, sloppy grappling, and armbars get snatched up from guard. Well, Saturday we should be in for a treat because we have a little bit of both!


Kicking our night off, we have a massive Russian prospect in undefeated Alexandr Romanov, finally making his UFC debut and facing Marcos Rogerio de Lima. De Lima is more of a 205er, but he carries the power of a heavyweight, and if he connects, he can put just about any man down. Romanov is fully capable of lifting full-grown men who fight at 265 lbs over his head and slamming them to the mat. This is a straight striker vs. grappler, and whoever loses the technical match up is going to be staring up at the lights as the referee pulls their opponent off them.


We have only one WMMA fight due to a COVID test pulling the other one off the card, but honestly, we kept the one that should be more fun. Montana De La Rosa lost her opponent due to COVID. Still, Viviane Araujo stepped up on short notice to save the fight, and we have another intriguing striker vs. grappler situation on our hands. Viviane is insanely fast and athletic, but she is taking this fight on two weeks’ notice. On a full camp, I think that Viviane is the clear favorite to win, but on short notice, I wonder how her gas tank will hold up. Mrs. De La Rosa is training with her husband and former UFC fighter Mark De La Rosa, getting ready for this fight where her only path to victory is grappling. Montana is a relentless wrestler with the majority of her wins coming by submission. If Araujo is at all compromised coming into this fight, I think Montana will find her back and choke her out. If Viviane is sharp and in shape, however, she will likely land bombs on De La Rosa until she crumples. We could have a thrilling finish on our hands and for you degenerates out there, a great live betting spot.


Maybe the most exciting fight on the card is a fight where the two men involved may not even belong in the UFC. Michel Pereira is taking on Zelim Imadaev, and both men are coming off of back to back losses with the loser taking that dreaded 0-3 where they will likely be facing the chopping block. Zelim Imadaev came to the UFC undefeated with all 8 of his wins coming by way of KO, but as soon as he got here, it was apparent he wasn’t all he was cracked up to be. We see the Russians come into the cage and maul their opponents on the mat like Khabib, but Imadaev is more of a wild striker, and he was out grappled by both Max Griffin and Danny Roberts, which is not a good look.


Standing across the cage from Zelim is Michel Pereira, who is maybe the most acrobatic fighter on the planet. This man is a showman, plain and simple. He is more than willing to take a loss if it means putting on a good show, but more often than not, his physical gifts allow him to catch his opponents sleeping, and he drops them like a bad habit. With 34 professional fights, Michel is the far more experienced of the two fighters, but the way these guys strike, you will not want to blink! I don’t suggest betting on this fight because anything could happen. I suggest you grab your favorite beverage (in my case, fireball) and a snack like popcorn and sit down to enjoy this one. You should probably be wearing your Fireball and Popcorn shirt while you are at it! What’s that? You don’t have one? Well, don’t worry, I have you covered. You can get one right here!

Fireball & Popcorn Die Hard MMA


Good luck this weekend on all your betting action, everybody!! And enjoy your friends, families, and fights!

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