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UFC Vegas 12 Is Chalky AF

By; Clint MacLean (@DieHardMMAPod)


Our trip to Fight Island has come to an end as all good things must. Luckily we are headed back to our favorite city in the world: Las Vegas. We return home to the UFC’s Apex and the small cage that has done nothing but produce wild action for the next few weeks, and our first card back is a pretty dang good one. 

We start our night with a fight between two young prospects in Miles Johns vs. Kevin Natividad, and I am really excited about this one. Johns is 1-1 in the UFC and is still trying to get the ball rolling, where Kevin Natividad is looking to take the big stage by storm. If you follow me on Twitter (@DieHardMMAPod), you will know that I am already in on Kevin Natividad for this fight in a big way. We locked the UFC newcomer up at +170 and are WAY ahead of everybody else. If you are looking to do some gambling, you can only get Kevin around +130 at this point, and I think he will close the favorite here. The Hawaiian warrior Nativitdad fights exactly like his nickname “Quicksand” suggests, and Johns has been known to gas late in rounds 2 and 3 of fights. I fully expect Kevin to win via spectacular KO. 



We have a few lower-level fights up next between Courtney Case and Pracila Cachoeira, Dustin Jacoby and Justin Ledet, Cole Wiliams, and Jason Witt. Still, honestly, you shouldn’t sleep on any of them. Lower level MMA fights are sometimes the most fun and violent fights that we get to watch, and I expect 2 of these 3 fights to end in a finish. Casey is a far more well-rounded fighter and has a huge ground advantage here. I think there is an opportunity for her to land a submission, and you should get a nice little line on that prop bet. Dustin is a nice prospect, but he is a natural 185er facing a true 205er in Ledet, who hasn’t been impressive but is improving. Wiliams and Witt, I don’t think they belong in the UFC. They are both 0-1 looking to reestablish themselves in the promotion, but both have huge holes and tend to kill or be killed. That fight should be fun. 

Sean Strickland is making his long-awaited return to the UFC after a horrific car crash and a 2 year lay off against Jack Marshan. Sean is the better technical fighter, but moving up a weight class after some serious injuries and a long lay off, he has many questions to answer. IF Sean is in shape and ready to rock, he should dominate here, and we might see another finish. 


We have another fighter returning after a long layoff in Chris Gruetzemacher taking on Alexander Hernandez, who was the hottest prospect at 155 just a short year or two ago but has found himself to be a bit of a bust. Hernandez has had to leave his home gym’s safety and move to a more serious camp with bigger, more experienced training partners where he is not a big fish in a small pond. I believe Alexander will grow from his change and shift in his mindset and be able to fully harness what he is capable of in the next few years and return to a ranked position at 155. Chris Gruetzemacher is a fighter whose time has forgotten in the UFC and who has an outdated style of fighting that Alexander should have no problem handling. I think Hernandez is a nice parlay piece on Saturday and should wreck Chris on his way to his 2nd assault on the UFC. 



The main card of UFC vegas 12 seems fan favorites Bobby Green, Kevin Holland, and Bryce “Thug Nasty” Mitchell all returning to action. It might not be worthy of a pay per view, but for a free card, it’s pretty damn good, and these guys are all fun to watch! Bobby Green should be able to force Thiago Moises to stand with him, and honestly, I expect him to win a decision if he can comfortably. Kevin Holland just had his opponent Makhmud Muradov pulled from the card, which is unfortunate because it was going to be a banger. The Word is that Holland will instead welcome Charlie Ontiveros to the UFC instead. While we don’t know much about Ontiveros, Kevin Holland is always must-see TV. 



The co-main event for UFC Vegas 12 is really the best fight on the card and holds the most significance for the division in which it takes place. Thug Nasty is finally getting his camo shorts and will be looking to break into true contender status when he faces UFC vet Andre Fili. This is an exciting striker vs. grappler match up where whoever is able to get their game plan working will end up winning the fight. The issue for me is that Fili is usually willing to engage in some grappling and was recently out-wrestled by Sodiq Yusuff. Fili is the more experienced fighter and has fought many of the best Featherweight has to offer, but if he can’t stuff the takedowns, he will be Thug Nasty’s plaything for 15 minutes or be tapping quickly. 



The main event of UFC Vegas 12 is going to be a sad affair as we send off another great. Anderson, The Spider Silva, is 45 years old and has finally had enough. Sort of. Silva has expressed interest in fighting again, but the aging legend has the surging Uriah Hall standing across the cage from him, and I don’t know that he is looking to let Silva off lightly. Hall has always struggled with MMA’s mental aspect and has been up and down in his career, but his recent move to Fortis MMA has done wonders. Hall is looking dangerous and far more motivated than we have seen him in years. I always tell people that there are no fairy tales in MMA, and I do not expect to see Silva ride off into the sunset. Hall by KO. 


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