That’s right, ESPN is back at it again with MMA reporter Brett Okamoto doing a fight retrospective where current Featherweight champion Max Holloway watches previous fights in preparation for his upcoming rematch with Dustin Poirier this Saturday, April 13th only on ESPN + Pay Per View. A 42 minute video where Max dissects his previous bouts and explains how he got better through the years, this should be a fun watch right?

Listen I like Max Holloway, it might not seem that way with amount of times I’ve been on the opposite side of his fights; Brian Ortega and Jose Aldo hint hint. However; he’s one of the best fighters out right now so when I see this enter my recommended videos on YouTube, I give it a play and get hyped to see what information I can find. First of all they are watching these fights in some abandoned warehouse building to give that cool edgy vibe on a projector screen so when they cut to the actual fight, you don’t know what you are looking at with how hard it is to see. Second, Max comes off a little bit of a prick. We get it you showed Brian Ortega how to defend a punch in the middle of the bout. Hell of an accomplishment but there seems to be something different entering this fight. It might be more media obligations but I’m not sure. A lot of it just seemed forced but again this is my interpretation of the video. The good thing is with ESPN’s backing, there is more MMA content getting pushed out so at least we can be grateful for that.
Below is a link to the video, it’s a long one.
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