UFC Fight Island 8: Mimosas and Waffles!

by Pub Sports Radio

UFC Fight Island 8: Mimosas and Waffles!

By; Clint MacLean (@DieHardMMAPod)


UFC Fight Island 8 starts at 9 AM Eastern!! Yes, you read that correctly. We are waking up early on a Wednesday morning, and rather than our usual weekend treat of Fireball and Popcorn, we are going to be a little more appropriate. Oh no, don’t you worry! We are still drinking! We just need to be a bit more distinguished. Fire up the mimosas and make yourself a stack of fresh hot waffles because we are day drinking with people punching each other before your coffee has kicked in!!

UFC Fight Island 8 is going to be very fun but quite chalky. There are multiple -400 or higher favorites on this card, so you may have to get creative! One of the early fights that I am most interested in is “Beast Boy” Mike Davis welcoming in the undefeated Mason Jones to the UFC. This fight has me a little upset because I have had my eye on Mike for a long time. I was fully intending on betting him his next time out because he checks off all the boxes for me. The only problem is once you get a look at what Mason Jones is capable of, then you might second guess clicking the button to place that bet on the other side of him. This is my sleeper fight for Fight of the Night, except it would be Fight of the Day in this case. These two are explosive and powerful. I expect them both to want to establish cage control and refuse to yield to it. Somebody is going to sleep and violently.

The next fight I am very interested in is Dalcha Lungiambula fighting Markus Perez. Dalcha is a fighter who I have been looking to get behind for some time. The only problem is I want to back him as an underdog. Dalcha is a judo black belt and has some explosive striking and nasty ground and pound. Dalcha has been undersized at heavyweight and light heavyweight, so he is dropping to Middleweight and taking on short notice fill-in Markus Perez. Perez is still my favorite Joker impersonator and an all-around good guy, but he relies on his submission to win in the UFC and maybe looking at the chopping block if he doesn’t get the W on Wednesday. Perez has a nasty submission game and a wild, aggressive, and outright reckless striking offense. As much as I like him, I don’t know if he is UFC  caliber, but I also don’t know that I want to bet on Dalcha as a favorite here. The fight should be entertaining, though.

We have one of the hottest prospects in the organization returning to the cage Wednesday when Su Mudaerji faces Zarrukh Adashev. Su is a tall and lanky striker who is aggressive with big knockout power. The same can be said for Zarrukh. Except the tall and lanky part. Zarrukh is a very talented striker himself with Glory kickboxing experience and some serious power. The only issue I have with him is that he got to the UFC too quickly and just doesn’t have the experience to compete at this level yet. He is also way too small. The height and reach of Su Mudaerji will likely be a problem for Adashev, who we have already seen knocked out. Wednesday could be an uphill battle for him that ends poorly.

The Main Card features one of the most violent fights we may ever see when Matt Schnell takes on Tyson Nam. These two men are on a collision course at the hospital. Tyson Nam has BIG power and looks for the bomb to close the show. Schnell is far more well-rounded and has a slick submission game, but has serious durability issues. Both of these men only know one direction, and that is forward. I fully expect them to meet in the middle, and Matt will either find a way to crack Nam or Nam to knock Schnell out cold. It’s as simple as that. I like the under. Remember when I mentioned how Zarrukh has already been KOd in the UFC? Yeah, well, that was Tyson Nam. Check out his handy work.

The Co-Main event features the one fighter I have been very actively watching out for. Mounir Lazzez shocked the MMA world when he soundly defeated well-known powerhouse Abdul Razak Alhassan back in July. Lazzez was completely counted out that fight, and nobody expected him to survive for 5 minutes, much less be able to out-class Alhassan. Only a few people out there took that shot on Lazzez as a +260 underdog and your boy right here typing was one of the few. I spotted this kid while researching that fight, and he is SLICK. Lazzez has an incredible striking and is able to roll with the punches so he can mitigate any damage coming his way. Pinpoint accuracy with speed is what he does, and I expect big things from him. Welcoming Lazzezin his sophomore UFC fight is Warlley Alvez. Alvez is a 1 round fighter, and simply put, if he doesn’t put his opponent away early, then he falls apart and does not have the gas, durability, or the heart to continue. If Alves can’t out grapple and submit Lazzez in the first round, he is not winning this fight. The pace that Lazzez will put on Alves is going to be an issue, and I expect him to look for the door in the second round.

The Main Event of UFC Fight Island 8’s Saturday morning is Chiesa vs. Magny, and this is a fight that I expect to be full of waffles and have about my 9th mimosa in my hand. There are a lot of hot takes out there, and I believe in Michael Chiesa now that he has been so impressive in his last few fights, but let’s be real. Two of the three fighters Chiesa has beaten at 170 are 155ers. Two of the three fighters Chiesa has beaten at 170 were/should be retired. Now that Chiesa has gotten his fill of beating up on older men and the kids at 170, he has a real challenge in front of him. If you cant tell, I am on Neil Magny in this fight, and I expect him to grind Chiesa until he quits. Magny is the better striker and has a better gas tank. Magny is also bigger and stronger than Chiesa is. The only advantage that Chiesa brings to the table is his pure BJJ game. This is another one where I believe Chiesa needs an early submission, or it will be a long night at the office for him.

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