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UFC 255 Will Be Violent

By; Clint MacLean (@DieHardMMAPod)

Some casual fans may look at UFC 255 and wonder who half the fighters rostered to fight are. You may not feel that this card is worth your hard-earned money. I am here to tell you that you could not be more wrong. The names on this card may not be mainstream. The fighters you will see on Saturday are not ones that you will be super familiar with, but what I can tell you is that they are coming to fight, and I fully expect Saturday’s entire fight night to be violent.

Our night starts with one of the most violent prospects to come off of Dana White’s Contender Series in Louis Cosce, who welcomes Sasha Palatnikov to the big show. Cosce is 7-0 undefeated with a 100% finish rate. Sasha is 5-2, and while he has fought some higher-level talent, he has fallen short both times and has been KOd. Cosce trains out of Team Alpha Male and is a powerful offensive grappler with dynamite in his hands. I think Cosce ends this fight much like he has all his others. Early.

On the early preliminary card, Alan Jouban is welcoming regional prospect Jared Nitetrain Gooden to the UFC, and this is a spectacular match up and potential changing of the guard. Jouban is a technical striker with solid boxing and fast hands who has had a long run in the UFC. Jared Gooden is a guy the UFC has had their eye on and finally gets the call-up and has an opportunity to prove he’s one of the best in the world. Gooden is physically strong, powerful, explosive, and a BJJ brown belt. This fight could very sow and technical, but it could also be an absolute banger with a quick finish! Both men have been KOd before, and with Gooden’s ability to counter and explode, he could absolutely end Jouban’s night. Jouban could similarly be a more technical striker and piece Gooden up until he finally caves late in the fight. Either way, it’s going to be fun to watch.

Daniel D-Roc Rodriguez is facing Nicolas Dalby as the first fight to kick off the preliminary card, and this is a fight where the heavy favorite should win by knockout. Dalby is coming off of a bad loss where he was rocked badly and then submitted and will need to rebound in a big way. Dalby tries to control the fight with his rangy karate style and grappling, but Rodriguez is a competent grappler and an excellent boxer with extremely fast hands. Rodriguez seems to be putting things together and looks to land big power shots in rapid succession on his opponents. I just don’t think Dalby has the durability to hold up anymore.

Speaking of violence, the Queen of Violence is gracing us with her presence on Saturday’s UFC card. Ariane Lipski has the tall order of facing the older sister of champion Valentina Shevchenko. Antonina is nowhere near as talented as her sister, but she is a solid striker in her own right. The issue around Antonina is that she is just so bad at keeping the fight where she needs it to be. In MMA, you have to be able to wrestle even as a striker to do what you do best, but Antonina ends up on her back every fight. Lipski is a young and hungry fighter who is coming off a big-time submission win. Lipski truly lives up to her name as the Queen of Violence, and she is just getting better every time she gets into the cage. I fully expect improvements from the young fighter this Saturday and think she is a very live dog. I also just really like betting against Antonina in MMA fights.

Viral sensation Joaquin Buckley was returning to the UFC after his spectacular KO of Impa just a few short weeks ago, and he is looking to build on that last performance. Buckley will face the hilariously named Beverly Hills Ninja Jordan Wright on Saturday, and even though Wright seems like a funny guy with a funny name, he is extremely dangerous. Write is undefeated with 11 wins all by finish. Well.. not really. Write actually was knocked out by “Fluffy” Hernandez in the UFC Apex, but that loss was overturned due to a marijuana flag. Yes, you heard that right. Not performance-enhancing drugs. Not steroids. This man lost by knockout, but it was changed to a no-contest because his opponent smoked some weed. Wright might not have a chin, and if that’s the case, Buckley won’t need long to get him out of there. Wright is very talented and big for 185, though, so if he can keep his range and land some kicks, he is very capable of winning this fight in violent fashion himself.

On the main card, we have fan-favorite Platinum Mike Perry coming back to the cage after some very troubling personal issues. Perry has had some bad run-ins with the law lately and has a kid on the way. Coming into this fight, he has stated that he has 20 pounds to cut this last week before the fight. All things considered, you cannot be comfortable putting money on this man. Facing Perry is another fan-friendly fighter in Tim Means, who always puts on spectacular fights. These men are going to meet in the center of the cage, and neither will be looking to take a step back. Tim can win by knockout with his pinpoint accuracy, and Perry can always land a huge bomb to close the show. I would just wait to see what these two look like on the scales before putting your money on either one.

The main event of Saturday’s event is the first title defense for the God of War Deiveson Figueiredo. After knocking out and submitting, Joe Benavidez Deiveson has a chance at a new opponent as the undisputed champion. Standing across the cage from him will be Alex Perez, who is a very intriguing challenger. Perez has a mean leg kick game and is a strong grappler, which is the one way we have ever seen the 19-1 champion drop a fight. The main event will be fireworks with two rare powerhouses for the Flyweight division as long as it lasts, and I cannot wait, but I have a hard time seeing the God of War lose his title.

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