Top Three Quarterbacks of 2020 By: Joe Borek (@jjborek26)

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Top Three Quarterbacks of 2020

By; Joe Borek ( @jjborek26)

As the NFL season is winding down, what better time to look at the top performers at quarterback this season. There is a plentiful list to pick from for the top three. Where really after number one, I believe it’s more up to interpretation on how that individual gets to the final two based on how they rank their quarterbacks. Now lets us dive right into it. Below I will list my top three quarterbacks with reasoning and a highlight video for your pleasure at the end of each blurb. Let us know in the comments who you think your top quarterbacks are and if you agree or disagree with my selections.

1. Patrick Mahomes

 The jack of all trades who took the league by storm. Just when many thought Rodgers was the most talented, if not one of the most talented of all time, Mahomes comes along. He can run, move in the pocket, and sling it down the field with the best of them. Just like a young Rodgers. The scary thing is looking at Mahomes. He is even a notch more athletic and deadly than a young Rodgers, it seems. All he has done is a win since taking over for Kansas City. He has a 35-8 record. Those winning ways have continued this season as Mahomes is 11-1 and leading the Chiefs to another AFC West title. This season he is cooking with gas as he is second in the league in quarterback rating topped by only Rodgers. Rodgers has a 118.5 quarterback rating to Mahomes 113.8. However, in total QBR, which takes into account the strength of opponents, Mahomes takes the lead. He has an 85.7 QBR with 3,815 Yards to go along with it to also lead the league. Mahomes is somehow a gunslinger who doesn’t turn the ball over. Those are very rare to come by. The only other one that comes to mind is Rodgers himself, who has now passed to torch to Mahomes and his gaudy 31-2 TD/INT ratio this season. You don’t get called the MJ of football for no reason. 


2. Aaron Rodgers

The holy grail of talent before Mahomes came along and took the spotlight. Well, this wise quarterback is not going anywhere anytime soon. After an off first season under new head coach Matt LaFleur, Rodgers has been steamrolling through this season and has not looked back. Even now, in his late 30s at 37, Rodgers can still make all the throws and evade the sack quite well. He is a quarterback that is aging like a fine wine. As long as Rodgers can stay healthy, I don’t see why he will not be a top-three caliber quarterback for at least a few more years. The man just recently completed his first pass to a former first-round receiver. Just like Mahomes, Rodgers is the true personification of a leader. He rallies his troops and always seems to keep them on top of their game. On top of that, he also pulls the most out of each of his players, no matter what selection they were drafted, if at all. That’s a top qualification in my eyes to be listed as an elite quarterback. Rodgers is just a notch below Mahomes now because of how much of a freak Mahomes is, even beyond how big a freak of nature Rodgers was in his first 4-5 seasons. Rodgers is leading the NFL this season with 36 touchdowns to only four interceptions. He is second to Mahomes in total QBR at 84.5 and top 7 in yards with 3,395. With the Packers now looking like they’re going to be a team to reckon with on both sides of the ball for years to come. I do not expect Rodgers to go anywhere on this list for a long time.

3. Russell Wilson

AKA sore back since he always has to put the team on his back. Yes, Seattle, of course, has weapons on offense. They have Carson when healthy and rookie sensation DK Metcalf to name two. However, Wilson is a big reason why those two also put up such gaudy numbers. Suppose this team did not have Wilson, who knows where they would be. He has his most rushing yards this season since 2017 at 424 to go along with being top four in passing yardage at 3,479 YDS. He is a quarterback who was doubted at the beginning due to size at only 6 feet tall but has exceeded every expectation and then some. Wilson is another guy who pulls the most out of his players. Even more remarkable, just like Rodgers had to do for years before they got him defense, though, is the fact that Wilson is the energizer of the whole team. Seattle has a downright awful graded defense this season, and yet they are still 8-4 second in the NFC West. That is lots Wilson and also lots of credit to Metcalf for forming a dynamic duo. Right now on the season, Wilson is second in touchdowns at 32. He has 11 interceptions, but that’s no fear since Wilson tends to get around 8-11 picks per season. Plus, he is a gunslinger who needs to use his ability to move in the pocket to see over defenders. Like Brees, he is prone to throw 1-2 picks a season others would not. As far as I’m concerned, if Wilson continues down this path and shows no slowing down any time soon, he should be a sure-fire Hall of Famer. No matter if he wins a Super Bowl again or not.

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