All Hands On Deck Folks. The time is now. The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend. Tonight the Enemy of my Enemy (Old Dominion) is the Purdue Boilermakers. So Choo Choo Purdue all the way to victory.
For the next few hours I’m as big a Purdue fan as anyone. I’m a loud mouth, Indiana Son of a gun, Black and Old Gold blooded Boilermaker as the rest of em, united by one common goal, Beating Old Dominion.
There is not one person on the ODU team that I like. I’m not a Marshall fan but I’ll tip my cap to Elmore. I’m not a UNT Fan, but their QB Mason Fine can really ball. Now that I’ve proven that I can be impartial I CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT NOT A SINGLE MEMBER OF OLD DOMINION DESERVES WHERE THEY ARE. BJ STITH IS A HACK WHO ISN’T EVEN THAT GOOD.
I’ve never seen a Purdue basketball game in my entire life, and I might’ve seen one or two football games, but none of that matters now. Its all about the P.
Go ahead and say that I’m a bad CUSA fan, say I’m being selfish, say whatever you want. All I want is ODU to lose. I don’t want what is best for the conference, FRANKLY I DONT CARE. I don’t support my fellow Mid-Major. I. Can’t. Stand. Old. Dominion. Or any other CUSA school for that matter.
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