For those of you reasonable people who don’t get what this means, imagine the San Antonio Commanders playing the New Orleans Saints. It’s such a nonsense thing to happen.
I understand that this is the “norm” in soccer but it doesn’t mean it makes sense.
After some brief explanation from my soccer friend, I know kind of understand this.
So think of this the way you think of the Alabama Crimson tide vs Fresno State game. Technically the two teams are equals, they just play in separate conferences. To a real football fan this game was a joke, but it acts as a tune up game for one of the countries most consistent College Football Teams. Most NCAA football teams do these kind of games, they’re either the Tune Up (small school getting pummeled) team or the Tuned Up (large school pummeling) team. The same happens in soccer except the teams are much more evenly matched in this case than Bama and Fresno are.
Just because that’s true doesn’t mean I like it. When Bama played their like 45 tune up games this year I hated every single one of them. They’re never fun to watch and they usually are blow away games that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.
This turned into me complaining about how Bama can do whatever they want and they still make the playoffs every year. This is actually about how literally non-consequential tune up games are the norm in soccer and I hate it.
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