There’s Always a Silver Lining: Takeaways from UTSA v Baylor

by Taco Joe

The Baylor game was bad. It was bad for the team, it was bad for the band, it was bad for the cheerleaders, it was bad for the fans, and it was horrible for Rowdy, who had to be himself in a giant fur (feather?) suit in 180-degree heat on the field. No one would argue that that game was a good game. No one would argue that we played well for more than maybe two drives. But there is a silver lining to take away from that game, no matter how thin it may be. 



Baylor was supposed to beat us. That’s how college football works. Young programs like UTSA are supposed to lose to Big 12 Behemoths like Baylor. CUSA schools like Southern Miss, and Rice, and Old Dominion are supposed to get beat by Mississippi State and Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech, and they did. We got demolished this weekend, and that’s okay because the rest of the conference who played P5 schools did too. 



We said it on the show yesterday, we needed to throw the ball more. That being said Frank Harris looked, let’s say okay. No one is more on the Frank Harris train than me, but as I said at the top of this, we all had a bad day.  He completed 15/24 passes which surprised all of us because it seemed a lot worse. He spread the wealth around to receivers, 9 in total and adding up to 102 yards of the passing offense. There were a lot of times that Harris just couldn’t make the right pass, for a variety of reasons, be it blocking, timing, or the heat. That being said, not every throw was spot on, not every open receiver was seen, and not every opportunity was taken. Frank had a rough day, we all can admit that, but I’ll take a bad day with Harris as our QB because that means he’s growing.



Lastly, our boys showed guts. I know this sounds cliche, and overused, but the Roadrunners really didn’t give up on this game. The best examples of this where our running backs. The five of them that got touches combined for 161 yards. For those of you who may have changed the channel in the later parts of the game these boys never looked defeated. Every snap, they loaded up and were ready to run through a wall. Honestly, it was inspiring to watch them go out there down by so much still trying to move the ball down the field. Sincere McCormick was the breadwinner notching 87 yards and the only two touchdowns of the day, both in the second half. Say what you want about our Roadrunners, but these boys have Grit.


Saturday was bad, and West Point is going to play a very good game, these games are here to test us, to see how much we can take and still bounce back. The undying optimist in me is saying that the UNT game will be the true start to a great year of Roadrunner Football. 


Go Runners, Beat Army.

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