UTSA Really Outdid Themselves With This Year’s Howdy Rowdy Bash

by Pub Sports Radio

Now that we’ve had the weekend to mull over it and let the experience soak in, we need to talk about Friday.

One of the first things that Joe ever told me when I came to UTSA is that this school is a meme. They just do some things every once in a while that are just so weird, but hilarious (the upside down come and take it flag last year, the box cannon, the “good morning ya’ll kid being at this year’s Midnight Lights). However, these things aren’t bad. In fact, they’re very charming and I wouldn’t have it any other way. That brings me to last Friday’s event, which will go into UTSA’s event Hall of Fame, the 2019 Howdy Rowdy Bash featuring T-Pain. 

The concert was everything I thought it would be plus more. I only knew about 2 of his original songs, but that didn’t matter because half of the setlist were either his features on other songs or covers. At one point he just ran through all of the covers that he performed during his appearance on the TV show Masked Singer, including Don’t Stop Me Now, I Love Rock n’ Roll, and Stay With Me. His energy on stage was pretty crazy and I didn’t know that he could dance as well as he does. 

But of course, it’s still a UTSA event so it had to be a little weird. I guess he’s been working out a lot recently because he went on about taking care of your body. Then he made the crowd do 10 jumping jacks (you can find a video of that on his Instagram). Also later on he started talking about some anime for some reason, and to top it all off we got him to do birds up by screaming at him.

So thank you to Roadrunner Productions for putting on this legendary event that will go down in UTSA history. We all appreciate it.

Oh, and I’m T-Pain

Austin Donnelly

Twitter: @austinkid2000

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