The Tennessee Volunteers is the Dumbest Mascot in Sports

by Taco Joe

KNOXVILLE, TN – SEPTEMBER 09: Tennessee Volunteers mascots Smokey and Davey Crockett before a game between the Indiana State Sycamores and Tennessee Volunteers on September 9, 2017, at Neyland Stadium in Knoxville, TN. (Photo by Bryan Lynn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

The Tenessee Volunteers were named after the spirit of volunteering of the “great” state of Tennessee. Partially based on the Tennessean men who fought side by side Andrew Jackson

(who was an undeniably terrible person but whatever) in the War of 1812, and that’s all fine and good, but what gets me is that the other reason that they’re named the Volunteers is after all the folks that left Tennessee to come to Texas.

To be proud of people who just flat out would rather die in an unconquered wilderness than a bonified State of the Union just baffles me. What do you think Davy Crockett ( who U.T. based their human mascot on) meant when he uttered the famous words “you may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas.”

WHERE DO YOU THINK HE WAS TALKING ABOUT WHEN HE SAID HELL???? He was obviously talking about Tennessee, but to Vols fans, this idea that a person would rather die at the hands of the Napolean of the West than to stay in a real (crappy) state is not only honorable but so freaking great that they’ll name our state university after it.

Other than Crockett, hundreds of Tennesseean families gladly left their established homes to move to the great unknown that was Texas, meaning many, many people would rather die in the cactus ridden, rattlesnake infested landscape of Texas

than live in the very much established and “legitimate” state of Tennessee.

For Texas to nickname its state school after the brave and noble volunteers of the friendly state of Tennessee would be one thing, but we named it after our cash cow, literally, but for Tennessee to do it is absolutely astounding to me and all Vols fans should be ashamed of this incredibly second fiddle move. That being said, Rocky Top is a top 10 song in the college band landscape, Peyton Manning is one of my all-time favorite football players, Smokey is an INCREDIBLE live mascot, the checkerboard endzone is iconic and beautiful and their orange and white can honestly hang with any color combo in the country, but y’all gotta get a better mascot.

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