The Super Bowl’s MCU/Disney+ Commercial is Awesome

by Taco Joe



What a commercial. I’ll break it down, show by show.

Falcon and Winter Soldier

The first image of the whole commercial is just incredible. Cap’s shield stuck in a tree and Fal- sorry Captain Ame- wait no he is going by Falcon? Whatever his name is, grabbing it out of the tree and practicing throwing the shield was a fun way to kick off this commercial. In the background, we hear a single phrase, “It’s Time.” as in hey MCU fans, it’s time to stop mourning the loss of Cap and Iron Man and time to welcome the new age of the MCU. Spearheaded by these two Bucky and Falcon, I mean Captain America and the Winter Soldier, or whatever they’re going to be called.

Next from this incredibly fun duo, we see them getting into high flying chases through what looks to be the Grand Canyon? and Bucky just being as cool as he can when confronting Baron Zemo.

The next time we see any clips from this show is arguably my favorite part of the entire Commercial,


IDK what the context of this is, and frankly I don’t really care. All I know is that it’s awesome and I hope they have a cool sequence in whatever episode/episodes they’re in.


Interjected throughout the commercial we see clips and cuts from Wanda Maximof’s (The Scarlet Witch) and Vision’s new spinoff show. Since its announcement, there has only really been one word spoken about this show, weird. These clips that we see seem to entirely hold that to be true. My favorite thing in these parts of the trailer is the different time periods that this show is alluding to taking place in. We have sort of an “I Love Lucy” feel to more of a 70’s sitcom at various points and the cinematography of it seems incredible.



In what seems to be the finale of the commercial, we finally get a shot of the new show starring everyone’s favorite villain/hero/villain again/hero again/ really just a very neutral party that has a struggling relationship with his bully of a brother, who also has a lot of character building in his own right, Loki. All he says is that he is “… Going to burn this place to the ground” in what seems to be prison clothes? Could he be in a SHIELD Prison? maybe a Kree, or Nova Corps one? Who knows, all I know is that this looks interesting, to say the least.

As always I’m crazy excited about what this next phase of the MCU is going to be like, we also had a great Black Widow Commercial that I’ll breakdown in its own right tomorrow.

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