Earlier today 7x pro bowl wide receiver Antonio Brown, of the Pittsburgh Steelers, officially requested a trade from the organization. Pittsburgh had a rough go at it this past season missing the playoffs and ending the season at 9-6-1. As a Dallas fan I’m more than happy to see the steel curtain fall in such a bombastic fashion, and now with Brown requesting a trade it just makes things even sweeter.
The Steelers and Brown have had problems for the past few seasons and according to an ESPN source Brown had grown tired of being the scapegoat for all of the teams problems. As much as Steeler fans would love to deny this, they can’t. Every time anything having to do with team chemistry came along they would pull out the old reliable “its Brown’s fault” and get on with it.
Now Pittsburgh is in an interesting spot, they can cut Brown and still have to pay him 21.1 million or they could trade him and still pay the same. There is one clear option for them. They HAVE to trade him and if they want to save themselves some minimal cap space they’ll trade him by March 17th or else they’ll owe him another 2.5 million.
Some Speculation has AB going to Baltimore, but i doubt that Pittsburgh would ever trade such an asset to another AFC North team. Earlier this month Legendary Cowboy Micheal Irvin Said “They’d be foolish” when asked what he thought is Pittsburgh were to let him get away. He went on to say “Send him over to San Francisco if you want to. I guarantee they will turn that thing out in San Francisco…(The Steelers) will be regretting it. You’re going to lose Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown and you think you’re going to get over on the Chiefs or the Patriots? Ain’t gonna happen.” (Fowler ESPN) So I wouldn’t put my money on Brown getting traded in the AFC.
Along with the Antonio Brown drama, Le’Veon Bell’s situation is still up in the air. The NFL is a year-round League, this off-season has a lot of fun in store.
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