The Seattle Dragons are going to be a XFL Dynasty

by Pub Sports Radio

When the announcement came of the resurgence of the XFL, I can’t speak for all, but I was optimistic. If you had been living under a rock, or your just unfamiliar with what the XFL was, let me fill you in. 

The XFL was once an organized football league that was started by WWE CEO Vince McMahon. The electric CEO promised that this league would be more action packed, hard hitting, and abide by different rules implemented by the staple point of football… the NFL

The league folded after 2 years due to lack of fan interest (it had that WWE type of production that was a major turn off for fans) and an inadequate broadcast deal, for which ultimately led to millions of dollars being flushed down the drain. 

That’s not it chief, but like a college individual who can’t quite take that step into post-grad life, the XFL is coming back for seconds. 

I personally do not want to be emotionally attached to a team. Texas teams will have drama. New York and Los Angeles teams will get all the buzz; I just want to watch football. But just like every league I invest my time into, I have to at least root for someone. 

I’m going out on a limb and proclaiming a BOLD prediction… The Seattle Dragons will win multiple XFL championships. There’s nothing you can say to change my mind. I care about facts, not your feelings. With that being said, I pledge my allegiance. I’ll shall do my due diligence to go above and beyond fandom.

Now, who will lead our clan behind center? That will be determined once the season approaches and potential NFL careers slowly come to an end. 

Potential Quarterbacks for the Dragons? 

Cardale Jones: (last played for the Seattle Seahawks on the practice squad) 

Any man that publicly shoots his shot towards a UFC superstar can be my QB. 

Brogan Roback: (JourneyMan)

I still have a man-crush on him from that season the Cleveland Browns were on Hard Knocks

Brock Osweiler: (1st team all-hustler) 

He’s 6”7, so according to the GM of my favorite NFL team that = RINGS

I have no idea who will be on the Seattle Dragons, but I do know one thing, dragons are cool, so sign me up. 


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