The Red Scare are Coming!

by Preston Ekdahl

If you have not been tuning in, ESPN is currently broadcasting the TBT tournament which is an open invitation tournament for prize money and thanks to Covid-19, this year the prize money is 1 million dollars. We here at Pub Sports Radio have a rooting interest as one of our hosts of a podcast on the website is involved. That’s right we are blowing up! Devin Oliver is a forward for the Red Scare and co-host of the Balls Back podcast alongside Taylor Smith. Each week they give you their opinion on basketball from the past to present and lately have been breaking down the careers of all the greats so make sure to tune in every Tuesday at 7:30 on the Pub Sports Radio YouTube page and the website.

But that’s not the reason you are tuned in here, it’s for the Red Scare and what I believe might be some of our finest merchandise yet so make sure to support our guy Devin Oliver and the club and pick you up a shirt because supply will be limited and don’t say we didn’t warn you!!

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