The Pub Sports Radio Baseball Show w/ Andrew and Jose — Trade Deadline Winners and Losers, Wax Pack Gum

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The Pub Sports Radio Baseball Show w/ Andrew and Jose — Trade Deadline Winners and Losers, Wax Pack Gum

Andrew and Jose react to a surpringly active trade deadline and finally open their 1986 Wax Pack! 


The 2020 MLB baseball season is a little way through the halfway point of the season for the majority of baseball teams. With the 2020 trade deadline has officially come to a close yesterday afternoon, the true contenders better be happy with their rosters, as they are set in stone now.

The question at the head of the season was how active would the trade deadline be throughout the season due to the current state of the Coronavirus and having a sixty game season. Would teams want to take that risk? The answer was yes, the trade deadline was extremely active. While the top names were not moved as much, the complementary pieces were on the move throughout deadline day.



San Diego Padres — This was not even close. The Padres easily took the 2020 trade deadline. In a year, they have turned the corner faster than some people expected. GM A.J. Preller added so much talent. The biggest name being Mike Clevinger making the trade with the Cleveland Indians. They then took care of the lack of a closer role by adding Trevor Rosenthal. They moved on from Austin Hedges and brought in two better catchers in Jason Castro and Austin Nola. Even with all this being said, the Padres still will be able to keep 9 of their top 10 prospects.

Toronto Blue Jays — Similar to the San Diego Padres, the Blue Jays have been a young team that has put themselves in a better position to win. While they did not go out and trade for Mike Clevinger or the Starling Marte’s of the deadline, they went out and added key pieces they needed. They added much needed pitching depth by bringing in the likes of Taijuan Walker, Robbie Ray, and Ross Stripling to rebuild that rotation. Lastly, they added a versatile player in Jonathan Villar, which caught many surprised the Marlins moved him after acquiring Starling Marte.

Oakland Athletics — After getting off to a great start, and benign the front runner in not only their division but the American League. They did not add the most prominent names but added huge complementary pieces that could take them to the next level. This was Mike Minor and Tommy La Stella. The former Angel in La Stella, similar to Villar, is a versatile player that can play many different positions that Oakland will take advantage of for the rest of the season.

Honorable Mentions: Red Sox, Phillies, Reds Marlins


The Losers:

Many teams could be picked here for the same reason for failing to do anything while they could have been more aggressive. Fans of the Braves, Rays, Yankees, and White Sox should all be a little frustrated with the handling of their franchise at the deadline. Braves, who should have been desperate as anyone to add starting pitching, failed even to add any help. Yankees have seen injury after injury happens from all different positions left and right yet, they added zero players. This leaves the A’s as the favorite and the Braves, not a lock for the division.

The next loser goes to the Milwaukee Brewers; while they still have a chance to make the postseason, they traded away one of their best relievers in David Phelps. If you do not believe this season, that is fine, but essentially trade him for nothing while the return could have been more. Brewers also could have been a team to add at the deadline and make a postseason run with that lineup mixed with a lockdown closer of Josh Hader.

Next is another duo in which is the Kansas City Royal and Texas Rangers. These teams had plenty to offer but did not do enough.  One name that continues to stick out every trade deadline for what seems to have been the last decade is Whit Merrifield. The Royals continue to be far from the playoffs but continue to hold onto this player. They could move for a serious return. They also had significant trade pieces that many teams could have dove into, but instead, they only moved on from Trevor Rosenthal. A lot more could have been done for what should be a rebuilding team. As far as the Rangers, yes, they traded Mike Minor and Todd Frazier; however, they had arguably the biggest name on the market and failed to get a deal done holding on to him. They should turn to the offseason during the winter meetings to move the right-hander.

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