The Pub Sports Radio Baseball Show, Episode – 52/53: Nolan Arenado Traded! Dustin Pedroia Retires! And Much More W/ Special Guest Chris Cotillo

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The Pub Sports Radio Baseball Show, Episode – 52/53: Nolan Arenado Traded! Dustin Pedroia Retires! And Much More W/ Special Guest Chris Cotillo


The latest breaking news brought to you by the Pub Sports Radio Baseball show as Jose Bouquett and Andrew Santangelo dive into the past news from the week. The first accusation starts with Nolan Arenado getting traded to the St. Louis Cardinals. The move leaves the question for the co-hosts to answer, what is the main reason the Rockies would make this trade with so little return? St. Louis now has one of the best infields in not only the National League possibly the entire MLB has a whole. The early sign would point to St. Louis is the clear favorite expected winner of this trade from the early results with the return package Colorado got. The Cardinals not only traded their best player but sent a lot of money with him. If you are the team that is trading away your best player and paying to give him away without returning a top 5 player in the Cardinals system raises eyebrows.

The next main point is the return to baseball. Is it going to start on the expected opening day of April 1st or start a month later on the 28th? The Players union and the MLBPA, we all know from the 2020 debacle, have been long against each other. With the CBA agreement coming to a close shortly within the next year, these two sides continue to split on decisions. The proposal would have included a month delayed start to spring training and the regular season opening on April 28th instead of April 1st. The expanded playoff would be, modified to seven per league instead of eight. The next point is the designated hitter would have been here to stay for another season in the National League. No matter what side fans are on, it is quite clear how these two sides feel, and they are far off. The most interesting part is going to be how does this affect each side going into the offseason. The CBA agreement will be expired and will need a new one before the beginning of the 2022 season. Here was the MLB union’s response to the MLBPA 

Outside of the Arenado blockbuster trade, other big signings happened. These moves include: 

  • Didi Gregorius 2 year 28-million with the Phillies 

  • Marcus Semien 1 year 18-million with the Blue Jays 

  • Sean Doolittle 1 year 1.5 million with the Reds 

  • Chris Archer 1 year 6.5 million with the Rays

  • Eddie Rosario 1 year 8 million with the Indians ‘

  • Joc Pederson 1 year 7 million with the Cubs

  • Andrelton Simmons 1 year 10.5 million with the Twins 

  • Tommy La Stella 3 year deal (money TBA) with the Giants 

  • Steven Matz traded from Mets to Blue Jays 

How do these impact the rest of the offseason? Gregorius and Semien round out a limited shortstop market during this 2021 offseason. The Doolittle deal is going to impact the rest of the relievers market. This move shows how the market is lower than everyone expected. With a lot of talented relievers still on the market, this could hurt their value money-wise. 

Finally, the show concluded with Jose giving his farewell speech to Dustin Pedroia, saying his thank you for the many fantastic years since 2006. As a Red Sox, collecting multiple accolades include; three World Series titles. Jose concludes this with a one-on-one interview with Chris Cotillo, Red Sox beat writer. The two discuss from the potential baseball start to Pedroia retiring and more! For those interested in the media business, wanting to be a writer, journalist, or reporter, please be sure to check out Chris Cotillo’s workshop. As he concludes his first two sessions, he will be adding two more, which will be announced later. For more information, follow this tweet

Contact Chris at for more information, including pricing and more!

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