The Pub Sports Radio Baseball Show- Episode 51: GOAT SHOW; Second Base From Dan Uggla to Rogers Hornsby

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The Pub Sports Radio Baseball Show- Episode 51: GOAT SHOW; Second Base From Dan Uggla to Rogers Hornsby

After taking a short break from the best of all time at each position, as the show goes around the diamond, as last show, they went through the Hall of Fame. On Friday evening, the Pub Sports Radio Baseball Show with Jose Bouquett and Andrew Santangelo went to second base. 

As far as other positions might go for this middle infield position, it was not easy to decide, with not many recent players taking a little fall off from this position. Yes, there are the likes of the homer type picks that both hosts gave with Dustin Pedroia(Jose) and Chase Utley (Andrew). These two were both top-notch players at their respective positions after being elected to multiple all-star games. 

This show brought back some old fashion baseball talk like many of the members, especially in the top three, were all more senior type players outside of Andrew’s honorable mention list. The duo goes back in time to talk about Rogers Hornsby, who played from 1915- 1937. As Jose said on the show, “when was the last time anyone had a conversation about Hornsby.” Each player brought something unique to the game in their way. 

Jackie Robinson has plenty of statistics to back up his game along with all of the other accomplishments he achieved throughout his career. In 1947 he broke the color barrier that was in the league. After this happens, he currently stands as the only player that has their number retired throughout the league. On top of that, there is a national day during the season where the entire league wears the number 42. He was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1962.

Roger Hornsby was a fearless hitter throughout his career. Winning multiple triple crowns throughout his career, followed by two MVP awards as well. Along with this, he had a World Series Title, lasting through 23 years of professional baseball. His baseball career was honored in 1942 when he was elected into the hall of fame. 

Joe Morgan was the third player that both hosts agreed to put into their top three-second baseman of all time. Morgan was a great hitter, but he was able to get the job done as well defensively, bringing home five gold glove awards. He was a 10x All-Star and a significant part of the big red machine teams when they won it all in 1975 and 1976. Morgan was elected into the hall of fame in 1990 to honor his accomplishments after his playing days took his career into broadcasting before passing away in 2020. 

Andrew’s List: 

  1. Rogers Hornsby 

  2. Jackie Robinson

  3. Joe Morgan 

Honorable Mention:

  • Chase Utley 

  • Placido Polanco

  • Brandon Phillips 

  • DJ LeMahieu

Jose’s List: 

  1. Jackie Robinson 

  2. Rogers Hornsby 

  3. Joe Morgan 

Honorable Mention: 

  • Dustin Pedroia 

  • Roberto Almora 

  • Jose Altuve 

  • Robinson Cano 

With another edition of the Greatest Players of All-time by position finished, the baseball show teams look like this (number one player listed for them). 


C- Johnny Bench 

1B- Lou Gehrig 

2b- Jackie Robinson 


C- Johnny Bench 

1B- Albert Pujols 

2b- Rogers Hornsby 

The Baseball Show will once again return for two shows next week as they will continue to go through the best players of all time, with third baseman next week along with the latest hot stove news update.

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