Article I: Claiming a Seat Check
1. When calling a Seat Check, the Seat Checker must rise from the seat in question, and before they leave the 2-foot radius of the chair the Seat Checker must say the words “Seat Check.”
2. For a Seat Check to be legitimate, another person (the Seat Check Witness) must hear and acknowledge the declaration. See Article III for details regarding the Seat Check Witness.
Article II: maintaining a Seat Check
1. A Seat Check claim lasts for 30 minutes unless a Seat Check Proxy is put into place. See Article V for details regarding a Seat Check proxy.
2. Once the 30-minute claim has finished the seat in question is free for public use and no punishments may befall them.
Article III: The Seat Check Witness, and the Duties of the position
1. The Seat Check Witness’ main jobs are to hear the Seat Checkers claim to the seat, warn Non-Seat Checkers from sitting in the said seat, and bear witness to the claim when the seat in question is being sat in by a Non-Seat Checker when the Seat Checker returns from their given location.
2. This is a sacred duty and must be done without prejudice, or favoritism. The Seat Check takes precedence over anything else.
Article IV: The Seat Check Commissioner and their Deputies
1. The one who wrote this document will assemble a team of 3 to vote on a Seat Check Commissioner. (SCC)
2. Once a Commissioner is voted into office, they will pick a crew of 3 to be their deputies.
3. The duties of the SCC and the deputized three are 1. Proceed over any Seat Check altercations that may take place
2. Act as time guard for any seat check left barren for 30 minutes
3. make rulings in cases of extreme emergencies
4. Determine Punishments equal in severity to the offense unless punishment is otherwise stated in the Guidelines
5. Appoint new leaders at the end of their given term
Article V: The Seat Check Proxy
1. There are 2 types of Seat Check Proxies, Appointed and Un-appointed
2. An appointed Seat Check Proxy (ASCP) is recognized by the Guidelines and is appointed by the Seat Checker to “Keep their seat warm” until the Seat Checker returns. If the Seat Checker returns and the ASCP does not get up, their Seat Check Privileges are suspended until the next calendar week.
3. An Un-appointed Seat Check Proxy, (USCP) while not officially recognized by the guidelines does the same duties of an ASCP, but is not appointed by a Seat Checker. If the Seat Checker returns and the USCP does not get up, their Seat Check Privileges are suspended until the next calendar day.
*N.B. While not giving up a seat that has been checked is a terrible offense no matter who commits it, when an ASCP commits it the punishment is a whole week while the punishment for the same offense for a USCP is only a day. This is because the ASCP has accepted the duty and is therefore held to a higher standard.
Article VI: Amending the Guidelines
1. To amend the Guidelines the Commissioner and deputies must have a 3/4 vote in the affirmative.
Article VII: Ratifying the Guidelines
1. To ratify the guidelines, they must be signed by 20 plus members of the Music Building and at least 1 Faculty member.
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