NCAA Punishes Oklahoma State Basketball For Involvement in FBI Scandal

by Jose Bouquett

NCAA Punishes Oklahoma State Basketball For Involvement in FBI Scandal


Seemingly a decade after the now-infamous press conference in which the Federal Breau of Investigation declared authoritatively, “We have your playbook now, ”.




The NCAA has finally announced their first punishment for the schools involved and first on the list was my former school of Oklahoma State.

Amongst the list of numerous punishments, the NCAA is livening on the Cowboys includes a postseason ban for the 2020-2021 season, a 10,000 dollar fine, and a reduction of three scholarships for the coming three years. Of course, OSU will appeal the decision and rightfully so.


This punishment is the culmination of the FBI investigation that the documentary ‘The Scheme’ on HBO explains the details of this whole mess extensively that the FBI, NCAA, and shoe companies have put themselves in. Long story short, a former associate coach Lamont Evans dropped bags for recruits to play for the Cowboys, these bags may or may not contain some monetary incentives. Ths NCAA deemed these alleged actions a level I violation, just one, and NCAA president Mark Emmert and his crew decided to bring the absolute hammer down. OSU is being used as an example to frighten all other schools involved in the investigation (Kansas, LSU, Arizona, etc. etc.).

If one level I violation gets you banned from the tournament for a year then, Bill Self and the whole Kansas program must be in a panic right now. Kansas is charged with FIVE level I violations, FIVE OF THEM. This punishment for Oklahoma State is insane as it stands now; in a few weeks, will this look like peanuts compared to what LSU and Kansas may get? Hopefully.


But the NCAA continues to punish coaches and kids who were not involved with the university at the time. Head Coach Mike Boynton, a fan favorite compared to recent coaches, seemingly had the program back on track. Cade Cunningham was the number one recruit and was coming to Stillwater, Oklahoma (!!!), how crazy does that sound? But now, the odds are that he likely transfers or heads directly into the NBA via the G-League route that has been becoming more and more popular. This derails all progress the basketball program made in the past years and will likely take over ten years to recover from.

Oklahoma State athletic director Mike Holder is scheduled to speak at a press conference at 2:30 EST. An appeal will undoubtedly be made, and everyone will continue to monitor the situation while we eagerly awaits the punishments of the blue blood schools.

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