The German Mexican Food Docs #1: German McDonald’s “El Gigante”

by Austin Donnelly

The German Mexican Food Docs #1: German McDonald’s “El Gigante”

I’m starting a new miniseries of blogs documenting the untold subgenre of food called “Mexican food made by Germans.” This series will be used to shed light on the laughable and forced food scene here in Germany that probably shouldn’t exist, and only does because the Americans who live here will take anything when they have lived over here for so long. This first entry is about my “Mexican” experience at a German McDonald’s.

The other day, I ate dinner at McDonald’s with my family. You may be saying, “Austin, aren’t you in Germany? Why would you ever eat at a McDonald’s?” While I completely understand your criticism, anyone that’s been over here knows that German McDonald’s is ironically way better than American McDonald’s. There are many reasons, but my personal reasons is their seasonal special burgers that they switch out every once in a while, and that brings me back to the initial story. When I looked at the menu this time, I see something called “El Gigante” with a little sombrero. “This is so hilarious, you bet I’m getting it,” I tell my mom and my brother. So when the burger gets to my table, I open the box and I marvel at this glorious abomination of a burger. It had everything you’d expect to be on a burger, plus jalapenos, what I think were pinto beans, diced bell peppers, some sauces that I couldn’t recognize, tortilla chips, corn, and, of course, bacon. “How could this be bad?” I think to myself. It’s so bonkers for them to sell at a German McDonald’s that it had to be good. Well, the official verdict is a laughable “eh.” The mediocrity of the burger was honestly not expected given my track record with Mexican food (if you could call it that) in Germany. I appreciate their attempt, but there was just way too much stuff on it. Half of it fell out and I ended up with a salad in my box. Plus, if you’re going to go all in with this Mexican burger thing, then maybe put less lettuce and tomatoes and put more tortilla chips and beans instead of just a couple of each. Overall, I didn’t regret ordering it, but I definitely won’t be doing it again. 5/10

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