March Madness is quickly coming to an end, as there were major upsets that led to the final four teams earning their spot for a chance to compete in the National Championship. The Texas Tech Raiders were the first team to punch their ticket to the Final Four, upsetting the number one seed favorite Gonzaga Bulldogs in an electrifying game last Saturday. This is the first time in Tech’s history that they have made in to the Final Four, and experts around the field are now starting to weigh their options with their Final Four opponent Michigan State instead of discounting them as a team that just got lucky.

The next team to fight their way into the Final Four was the Auburn Tigers, who miraculously defeated the number two seed Kentucky Wildcats in a spectacular overtime game. The Tigers were without their star player Chuma Okeke, who had torn is left ACL in their last game against North Carolina, another stunning victory. The number five seed Tigers will now play the number one seed Virginia, who as of now is the favorite to win.

The third team to crawl their way up to the Final Four was the favorite number one seed Virginia Cavaliers, who are all too familiar with making is this far in the tournament. As the last number one seed left in the tournament, fans across the nation know the odds are in their favor. However, historically speaking, number one seeds in the tournament hardly even make it to the final four, led alone to the National championship. Look at this year for example: number five seed Auburn knocked out number one seed North Carolina, number three seed Tech knocked out the number one seed and national championship contender Gonzaga, and number two seed Michigan State had the biggest upset of all beating number one seed Duke.

And finally, the last team to get themselves to the final four was none other than Michigan State. Being the only team in the Final Four who has won a National Championship before, they are the obvious favorite to be a contender for the national title. They also defeated the Duke Blue Devils to get to the Final Four, showcasing that they can knock out a number one seed and five time National Champion team.
Saying the Final Four matchups are interesting in an understatement at best, and experts are split on predicting the outcomes on the four games. Will the underdogs prove themselves and make it to the National Championship.
Claire Coburn is an Intern Writer for Pub Sports Radio
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