On Today’s edition of “Taco Joe is actually a total nerd and is into really geeky things,” the Trailer for my beloved “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” (COAS) part 2, was released today and I’m extremely excited. POTENTIAL SPOILER WARNING
The first season started off with a BANG and almost every episode kept me on my toes (looking at you Chapter Five.) Since it was released Halloween weekend it was the perfect binge, and since I have a serious addiction to all things Riverdale it was even more perfect.
The Christmas episode was kind of a let down, but most holiday specials are. The only thing that the episode accomplished was really setting the scene for the next season. It left me with a bad taste in my mouth, but it’s a show about magic satanism so that’s kinda the point.
This trailer starts off with Sabrina pouring what looks like gasoline all over the halls of Baxter High, an eerie sound plays in the back, and grows more intense as she continues to walk. She lights a match, then hard cut to the Netflix Logo.
Excuse the pun but, CHILLS.
What an entrance! Is she a magic terrorist now? Is she possessed? Is she just doing this for the sheer joys of the chaos? So many questions are to be answered and its only been 26 seconds. Then we get a series of clips of Sabrina reveling in her new-found freedom through her dark baptism, (holy heck this is getting nerdy) and at one point I think she kills like upward of 7 guys with one flick of her hand.
We see some cool Church of Night Cult stuff and Sabrina notices she has a scar on her back (maybe this is Satan’s call?) Then a montage of the whole cast just being very cool, and doing things like casting spells, loading shotguns, and at one point Ambrose blows on a ram horn. It was all very, very cool. This part of the Trailer ends with Sabrina asking her mortal love Harvey and her warlock fling Nick if they can.
Then more after some more freedom revelry we see her kissing both of them (who am I?) then goes onto showing Sabrina flex her magic a little.
The trailer ends with Sabrina sitting down and talking with Satan in his Human form. Very intimidating, very exciting.
Again I must stress I LOVE all things Riverdale. I will watch pretty much anything that these people put out, but i need a Sabrina/Riverdale crossover soon or I’m gonna lose it.
All in all I’m very excited for the upcoming season. I hope it surpasses the very high expectations the first season set, I’m hoping to see the world get bigger and bigger, and lastly I’m hoping Team Harvey reigns victorious. (we’ve straight up entered shipping on this blog)
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