The Four Major American sports (NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB) have all recently come up with their own “Parody” accounts. The NFL’s account is called The Checkdown, and I love everything about the accounts. They usually just post meme worthy things about the league, make jokes about players, post videos of TD celebrations, and fan costumes and stuff like that. It’s a really hokey account but I enjoy a lot of things that they post but today they really just went for it.
The old Spiritual Song “Grave Digger” plays as we see clips of the NFL Playoff teams the second they lose. We see players at some of their worst moments in their careers, the true, unyielding, extreme agony of defeat. It was awesome. We see Patty finally accepting defeat, Russ walking through the Cowboy’s tunnel hanging his head, and just so much defeat. Just inject it straight into my veins.
Then the words “There is no off-season, When you have unfinished business.”
I screamed in my truck when I saw it.
I love the NFL so much. Everything about this league is absolute dynamite. WHY CANT IT BE SEPTEMBER?!?!?!?!?!
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