The Career: Cesc Fabregas, Including his Top Three Managers he Enjoys Playing with the Most

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The Career: Cesc Fabregas, Including his Top Three Managers he Enjoys Playing with the Most

By: Bryan Bejarano (@Braingnos)


Cesc Fabregas chose his three favorite managers of his career during his participation in the BBC’s Match of the Day’s Top 10 podcast.

In the show, Cesc reflects on the most important moments of his career, the fiercest rivals he had faced, the people who shaped his career, and the managers he enjoys playing with the most.

The 33-year-old midfielder has been part of big European clubs throughout his career in which he has achieved great success.

He has been at the service of renowned managers such as Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, Pep Guardiola at Barcelona, and ​​Jose Mourinho at Chelsea.

Cesc also played for Vicente del Bosque in the Spanish national team, with whom he became world champion in 2010.

Cesc Fabregas Top Three Managers of his career

After having played with some of the consider best managers in the world, for Fabregas, it all comes down to three.

These are the ones he enjoys playing with the most and from whom he admits he learned a lot and owes the successes he has achieved in his career.

Arsene Wenger and Pep Guardiola tie for second place. “Pep Guardiola played the game in the style I love at Barcelona, ​​same with Arsene Wenger at Arsenal,” declared Fabregas.

Jose Mourinho takes first place as Fabregas‘ favorite. “Under Jose Mourinho at Chelsea, I had a really special year. He is probably the one I had the best connection with. The way he played with my mind was unbelievable”.

Despite having played only one year with Mourinho, it seems that the Portuguese coach greatly impacted the Spanish midfielder.

Cesc and his relationship with Arsenal

Choosing Mourinho as his favorite coach has unleashed the fury of many Arsenal fans, who think that without Arsene and the Gunners, Cesc would have accomplished nothing.

The figure of Cesc has always been controversial for Arsenal fans. He is loved by some and hated by many others.

His departure to Barcelona didn’t please the fans, and his subsequent return to London wearing the Chelsea shirt caused many to declare, “He is dead to me.”

In March of this year, the Arseblog Arsecast podcast tried to clarify the doubts about the relationship between Cesc and Arsenal.

During this interview, the player shared some interesting stories, for example, on how he tried to convince the Arsenal board to buy Xavi Alonso to reinforce the midfield.

Cesc had already convinced his friend and compatriot to sign for Arsenal, but the board did not want to pay the 30 million that Real Madrid was asking for Alonso, who ended up going to Liverpool.

Fabregas also recalled that at the end of his contract with Barcelona, he wanted to return with the Gunners. ​​Arsenal had a buy-back clause that they could use to bring him back to the Emirates. But the team, again, did not want to spend money.

It is undeniable that Fabregas was a key piece at Arsenal. However, he is not at the height of club icons such as Henry or Adams. The Spaniard was instrumental in the period of transition and reconstruction of the team after the invincibledisappeared. Cesc holds two records by Arsenal, with just sixteen years he was the youngest player to debut with the first team and also the youngest scorer of all the club history.

Cesc currently plays for Monaco with a contract for three and a half seasons. Under the management of the Spanish coach Roberto Moreno, Cesc has played 33 games and scored one goal since he arrived in early 2019.

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