The Buccaneers Disappointed Me

by Taco Joe

No, this isn’t about Tom Brady. It’s about these very okay uniforms that they released. When they teased new uniforms I got very excited (see here)

But no, we got these bland, very much okay uniforms.

The white one is boring, but it’s also an away white uniform, they’re supposed to be boring so I’ll let that one go.

The one that really gets me is the home reds. While the old Buc’s uniform was no Creamsicle (sigh) it at least had style and nuance. It was very Seattle-eske in the manner in which it held itself. It was modern, It was cool. It had the gray and creamsicle lining that highlighted those colors of the past, along with making the Bucs red really stand out. This red is an abomination, it looks like a reject XFL uniform. It has no personality. If this uniform had a favorite flavor jelly bean it would be white bread. I hate it.

The only uniform I actually don’t completely hate is the “pewter”. This color is Tampa’s secondary color and anyone who has read any of my uniform reviews before knows that I’m a sucker for a good secondary uniform. We’ll probably only get this jersey on Tampa’s Color Rush night but nonetheless its the best one they came up with. Don’t get me wrong it’s still very bland, but the color is unique, and I think it will look awesome against a green background.

In a division like the NFC South, the Bucs could’ve very easily become the best uniform in their division, but as almost always, the Bucs dropped the ball. Sure they got Brady, but he won’t be wearing creamsicle so who cares.

Mind you, if the NFL changes the “One Helmet Rule” we’ll see teams all around the league use throwback jerseys, so fingers crossed.

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