What A Game.

Dallas had a rough go on the first drive, and my dad and I looked at each other thinking “here we go again.” Then Eli looked like himself and moved the ball down the field in record time. Giants put up seven and I was scared. Then “The Grown Man” Dak Prescott showed the Dallas Cowboys Organization, all of the fans and every single hater exactly who he was, The Dallas Cowboys Quarterback.

Dak had a day. Going 25/32, with four TD passes to four different receivers, Dak looked like the guy I always knew he was. He was smart, he was fast, and he threw the ball as good as I’ve ever seen anyone throw, literally. Dak Prescot had a perfect rating on Sunday, a feat no Cowboy QB has done since Craig Morton. Yeah, the Craig Morton that backed up Roger Staubach. Against the Giants, Dak told Jerry Jones “Look how much I’m worth, look at what I can do for you, I can put a ring on your finger and a Lombardi in your trophy case, just run me my money.” According to Jerry, a deal is “imminent.”

Our receivers look fantastic. Gallup and Cooper went for over 100 yards and a touchdown apiece, and Cobb, Jarwin and Witten all put up huge numbers. A personal highlight was when my all-time favorite player, Jason Witten caught a pass from Dak to put six more on the board. Witt ran into the endzone with the ball in one hand and a big ole’ number one in the other. He had a smile the size of Texas on his face as he handed the ball to the ref and hugged his teammates. The old man still has it. All in all these receiving core is the best set of guys that I’ve ever seen in Dallas. This group of playmakers put up 405 yards, 4 touchdowns, and averaged 16.2 yards an attempt. Everybody ate.

Speaking of eating, the 90 Million Dollar Man had what some, not me, might say is an off day. Zeke did what great runningbacks have always done, he gave the offense options. Yes, the running game didn’t really work, yes we paid him to be a workhorse rusher, and yes it would’ve been nice to see him do more. But it was his first week back, we knew there was going to be load management stuff and limited snaps so let’s not pull out the pitchforks yet. as “off” a day Zeke had he still had a touchdown and a ton of great blocks.

Lest we forget that defense. With 58 tackles, 2 for loss and a combined 7 hits on the QB, the Dallas Defense held what should be a dynamic offense to 10 points and a garbage-time TD. They held Saquon to 120 yards, and no x

New York is a bad team, but Eli is still a Manning, Saquon is as good a running back the Giants have had in a while, and it’s still an NFL defense that Dallas Picked apart.

This was the perfect way to kick off the season. There is so much promise and hope surrounding this team. I honestly can’t remember a time where I was this excited to see how a season turns out. If it’s not Drew Brees or Tom Brady, there’s no one these Cowboys should have any issue with.

We’re 1-0. We’re on to Washington.

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