Buffalo Bills intend to sign former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley and former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver John Brown, sources told ESPN.

Beasley will sign a four-year contract worth $29 million with $14.4 million guaranteed at signing, a source told ESPN’s Josina Anderson, confirming a report by NFL Network.Brown will receive a three-year, $27 million deal, a source told ESPN, confirming a report by Adam Caplan.


Earlier today Cole Beasley agreed to sign a 4 year $29 Million dollar deal. Honestly I’m totally okay with this. He’s been a bother on social media, constantly complaining about not getting enough balls. I’m done.

No receiver in America doesn’t complain about not getting enough looks. every receiver thinks he’s open on any given play, but there’s a difference between having a one on one with your QB practicing with him, and growing your compatibility, and going on Twitter and openly complaining about how the front office, who signs your checks, and the OC don’t like you so they conspire with Dak to not get you the ball. Cole is a known quitter and it took Jason Witten to bring him back to camp in his early years, he complains constantly and as a fan I’ve grown so tired of it.

Good luck up in South Canada Cole. You stink in cold weather and your hair is lame now. Go use the “hot sauce” to warm your self up.

Let’s Go Dallas

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