You’ve heard of the Black Hole right? The band of ravenous, savages who drape themselves in Black and Silver every Sunday to root on the Raiders?
Well the Roadrunners are about to take a page out of their book.
It’s time to let the villain that lives in all of us out, in a bombastic, loud, brightly colored fashion. I’m talking spiked football pads, painted faces, dyed hair, and bad attitudes. We’re gonna be “The Villains of Conference USA” and I need everyone on board.
Call it being jaded, call it being tired of losing, call it whatever you want. I’m tired of being disrespected, I’m tired of this conference using us like a foot stool. I’m tired of being looked at like a loser, I’m tired of being shamed, and spit on. We are the lawless legion, the brutal battalion, the bright orange and blue blemish on the clean face of the conference. We are proud of our school. We hate your school, and we don’t discriminate in size.
Come next game we play, we’ll show up as bombastically dressed as we can, rocking AC/DC on a boombox as we walk into the HISTORIC Convo, and booing the hell out of anyone in opposing colors. Bands, cheerleaders, players, even their grandmas, no one is exempt from our rage.
We’re gonna be mean, we’re gonna be nasty, we’re gonna be as classless as they come.
We are the Roadrunners, and we are the Bad Birds from Babcock.
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