The Backyard: Joe Burrow, Dame Dolla, And Germans???

by Pub Sports Radio

What it do babayyyy, another week is in the books and contrary to my past week at hand, I had way too much time to spend on doing absolutely nothing. Unfortunately, due to the bone-chilling weather, I caught a cold and was out for the count this weekend.  Friday was miserable, I had to cut myself off from the world, but you would think I could arise back from the dead? Ahahah nope, (middle finger up to allergy season) I am still feeling the effects of it. With that being said, my TV was on full send… so here is who impressed me this weekend. 

Joe Burrow (Quarterback, LSU Tigers) 

Arguably the biggest game of the week took place down in ole Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The #2 LSU Tigers took on the #3 Alabama Crimson Tide with the Tigers ousting the Crimson tide in a shoot-out of a game.

You know how hard of a challenge it is to beat Alabama yet alone beat Alabama in their stadium. Well, since the arrival of Nick Saban to Bama in 2007, the Tide has gone an incredible 82-6 at Bryant- Denny Stadium. Burrow has changed the face of LSU football. The long-storied pride of a run-heavy offense has been replaced by a more high-octane pass-heavy offense.

Burrow torched an exceptionally well Alabama defense by completing 31 out of 39 passes, 393 passing yards and punching in 3 TD’s without any interceptions thrown. Stud.

Damian Lillard 

So when it comes to who I root for in the NBA my alliances are pretty straight forward. I bleed silver and black. I was born a Spurs fan and will die a Spurs fan. In the afterlife, I will still be an annoying Spurs fan. You may run, but you can’t escape us. I do have one team I also root for and that is the Portland Trailblazers. The Blazers are such a cool team.

The duo of C.J McCollum and Damian Lillard are soooo fun to watch and I genuinely enjoy the surrounding cast of players they have surrounded them with over the past few seasons. Although they have been really good the past couple of seasons, (they did make the WCF last season), they haven’t got off to quite a good start. Is it partially just an early-season slump? Maybe, but the key is that they let go of a bunch of key role players (Kanter, Aminu, Seth Curry, and even Meyers Leonard)

The Blazers also are without big men Jusuf Nurkic and Zach Collins. The injury bug is floating around Portland, thus having many new faces step up including the likes of former Miami Heat player Hassan Whiteside and former Orlando Magic forward Mario Hezonja. Back to Dame, in his last 3 games, he put up a cool 27, 30 and 60pts.

He’s producing at such a high level, but the team results just aren’t there yet. I’m truly rooting for him and the Blazers, well…not when they play my beloved Spurs, so they can lose 100-0 for all I care. I also need a new pair of basketball shoes; I heard the prototype designs for the Dame 6’s is coming out this week. Might cop (eye emojis). 

Germans who Immigrated to Texas

So, if you’re not familiar with the geography of Texas, around the mid-1800’s a large population of individuals from Germany immigrated to the United States and established many settlements around central Texas. The towns of New Braunfels and Fredericksburg are the most notorious. To this day, there is still a bunch of German cultural aspects integrated throughout the towns.

One of the biggest “festival” like events that is synonymous with German Culture, is Wurstfest. Ample beer and tasty food= happy Zoli.  It’s a great time and something any Texan should check out. I always joke that it’s “the family reunion” of Texas, as I often run into my amigos from all over the state under the Wursthalle


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