The Backyard: Houston’s Enemy, The American Hero, Mother Nature

by Pub Sports Radio

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me. I’ve pretty much been all over Texas and haven’t had much time to engage what went on in the sports world. I watched a little bit of footy, football and of course baseball. I also was going to plan on participating in the victory tour for my Astros… but you know… things happen.  So, who’s invited to the backyard this week?

1.Washington Nationals 

* Slight grumble* 


I have been in despair ever since the agony of defeat. The Walgreens employees or the Washington Nationals, whatever they are called, defeated the Houston Astros (4-3) in a best of seven series last week. 

With a mostly veteran filled roster ( 2nd baseman Howie Kendrick, 1st baseman Ryan Zimmerman) a seasoned pitching rotation that included the likes of CY Young caliber players such as Stephen Strasberg and Max Scherzer, and sprinkle in a young talented star in Juan Soto, you might have a story cooking, and boy were the Nats cooking  this postseason.  

The Nationals not only knocked off the 2x defending NLCS and 100+ win Dodgers team, they absolutely annihilated a pesky St. Louis Cardinals team, and counter attacked any sort of series clenching momentum that the Star Studded and legitimately loaded team, the Houston Astros. 

The series was a rollercoaster for myself. Y’all ever believe in superstitions? I normally don’t abide by them, but this series made me question all existence. After religiously watching the first 2 games, in which they lost, I decided not to watch game 3. The ‘stros won 3. I was out of a TV’s reach the next two games in which they won… I watched game 6… the stros lost. With that being said, I was determined to break my curse. I did not watch game 7 and well, see how that turned out. 

Did you know Juan Soto is only 22 years old? 

Kudos to the nats. Clutch hitting and a reliable pitching staff wins games in the postseason. Rematch 2020?


  1. Christian Pulisic 

The 21-yr. old American winger had a week to remember for the blues. After numerous public outcries over his minutes at Chelsea, manager Frank Lampard decided it was time. He listed him in the starting XI against Premier League foes Burnley and Watford. He surely did not disappoint the fans, as he netted a hat-trick against Burnley and chipped in a goal against Watford. Since the creation of the Premier League, Pulisic became only just the 2nd American to net a hat-trick.


  1. Mother Nature

This weather in Texas has been pretty enjoyable the last couple of weeks. It’s finally that time of the year where I don’t feel as if being outside 24/7 is detrimental to my health. Winter and Fall are for sure my favorite seasons. Haven’t worn a shirt past 7 pm in like 6 days.  Christmas season is fast approaching, so bring on the cold weather and the over cliched greetings. Or you know for Texans, the cold weather that lasts for about 2 weeks… then we have spring-like weather for a bit … then back to cold…spring…cold… you get the idea. 

So, for that, Mother Nature is invited in. 

Next week should be an eventful week in the sports world

Here are some of the events I’m probably going to keep an eye on 


  • LSU VS Alabama (College Football) 
  • UTSA Basketball Kicking off its season (beep-beep)
  • Cowboys vs Vikings (Not really a must-win game for the boys, but it does create some breathing room in the NFC East standings with a win because the Philadelphia Eagles are right behind them)




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