The American Alliance of FOLDING: The AAF will probably be done by days end.

by Taco Joe
Earlier today, Rovell tweeted that the AAF is suspending all operations for the time being. They aren’t exactly folding, yet, but the writing is on the wall. Rumor has it that the majority owner, Tom Dudon, wants to shut the alliance down because “he got what he wanted from the AAF.” This means that he invested in the AAF only to steal some tech and sell it to another league in hopes of a better cashout.
Now, the AAF has some really cool features to their game. They have two sky cams, tracking chips in each helmet, and live in game betting, but bells and whistles can only go such a long way. It’s diet NFL. The teams have no history, they have no character, they barely have good plays much less great ones.
The first week, I’ll admit it, I liked the AAF alot. As the season bore on however, I along with many other Non-San Antonian fans just grew apathetic to the league. It got to the point where i just didn’t really care. Yeah we had a pretty good little win streak going, but NBA Playoffs where around the corner, The Golden Knights where heating up for another playoff run, and the Bad Birds where just really beginning.
Let it be said that I really did try to like the AAF. I am a season ticket holder, I went to every home game, I cheered, I jeered, I even bought a sticker for my laptop, but every down of every game I watched, I kept thinking man I’d rather be watching a Saints/Falcons preseason game than this.
It was fun while it lasted AAF. We had some good times, not really. I do feel bad for all the players and coaches who don’t have a job anymore, but all in all I’m not that beat up over it.
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