The 5 Top Reasons I’m Excited for Disney+

by Taco Joe

Disney+ launched today, and the Cup of Joe Radio boys are very excited about it. We bought a joint account this morning and have been buzzing about it all day. Earlier my Best Frenimie and Co-Worker Jose Bouquett asked why he should subscribe to the streaming service, and I’m giving him the reasons that I’m excited right here.

  1. Star Wars

When Disney bought Star Wars, I was extremely excited. I only really got into The Galaxy Far, Far Away in High School, but I love the concept nonetheless. Star Wars is easily one of the most rewatchable movie series of all time, and now with shows like “The Mandalorian,” Star Wars shows no sign of slowing down.

2. Marvel

Anyone who has followed me and the guys for any amount of time is very aware of our love affair with the MCU. It has been a hallmark of basically all of our childhoods and it shaped a generation of movie watchers. The ease of being able to watch Guardians of the Galaxy any time I want alone is worth at least 15 dollars a month.

3.New Disney Properties

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Need I say more?

4. Old Disney Properties

Invincible, Miracle on Ice, The Lone Ranger, the entire Pixar Collection, and just hours of nostalgic content make this streaming service so worth it.

5. The Simpsons

I’ve never watched through The Simpsons but now I have the option to so I probably will.


This service is such a great concept for Disney, and I can’t wait to waste away Christmas Break watching movie after movie. It’s going to be a great time.

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