The 40 Million Dollar Man?

by Pub Sports Radio


Name: Zach From Texas
Twitter: @Zach_FromTexas
About Myself: I met Rod Marinelli in 2017

Let me be the first to say this. I really like Dak. I think he is a solid football player that has a good head on his shoulders. I also think he is good enough to win a championship with. All of this being said, someone is whispering in his ear and it may end up blowing up the good thing we may have going this season.

Blogger’s Note: I just looked at how much Dak is currently getting paid and I may be wrong about this whole thing. But I will power through.

There is no doubt that his current salary is near criminal ($680,848 according to but does this justify a nearly 600% increase? No. I have seen lots of statistics, cherry picked to make him look like a 40 million dollar man. I assume these are all Dak burners but their stats should still be considered. Point by point.

Point #1 – Of the players both current and former in this combined TD list there are a combined 2 Super Bowls. Both from Payton Manning. I shouldn’t have to explain this but I will. Dak Prescott is not Payton Manning. So excluding one of the best QBs of all time there is a combined 0 Super Bowls won by QBs on this list. I want Super Bowls. As for the note about Zeke being on the team, if anything this helps Dak in the red zone. Any good defensive coordinator will be keying on Zeke, not Dak.

Point #2 – We are past regular season wins. This list sucks more than the first one did! Do I need to remind all of you how Dan Marino performed in the playoffs?!? GTFO! WACK!

Point #3 – This is an ok argument. No one likes a QB that throws the ball to the other team. But if you don’t ever take chances it’s also harder to move the ball down the field.

In closing, Dak isn’t worth $40 million. Not even close. We do need to pay the man, but I also don’t want to end up with a Joe Flacco situation without even getting a Super Bowl first!

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