The University of Texas has just fired former quarterback Vince Young from his part time job as a development officer for having poor performance on the job, being absent or late, and not being in touch with his supervisors. Texas officials nor Young have commented on the Neighborhood Longhorns development officer and football camp specialist, but a letter of dismissal released as public record stated that Young lost his job due to “not demonstrating significant and sustained improvement in the performance of [his] job responsibilities and failing to maintain standards of conduct suitable and acceptable to the university.”
Vince Young is regarded as a Texas treasure, with the iconic touchdown that led Texas to a victory against the University of Southern California Trojans at the 2005 National Championship at the Rose Bowl. However, the path to the big league was rough for Young to say the least, and in 2014 he left the NFL and filed for bankruptcy. The University of Texas gave its former football star a lending hand, hiring him as a Development Officer in the university’s Division of Diversity and Community Engagement. The job was initially a full time job as Young’s salary was well into six figures. But in 2017, Young began running into issues regarding the work he was producing. In July of 2017, Young was put on a “work improvement plan” in which he agreed to start showing up during normal work hours and vowed to cut his time spent away from the office. This was short lived though, as Young soon after put in a request to cut his office hours, and the university responded by cutting his full time, six figure job to a part time five figure job. Shortly after in September of 2017, Young received an “Unacceptable Performance and Conduct” letter, and was told he needed to get his act together or his termination from the university would be imminent. Young seemed to hang on until February of this year, where he was arrested for his second DUI. To make matters worse, Young neglected to tell his supervisors of the arrest, leading them to learn of the event through media outlets. From there, Young committed to resigning himself, and when that did not occur, he came back and requested medical leave, which the university could not give him due to Young falling beneath the required amount of work hours required to file for medical leave. Texas had enough, though, and Patrick Patterson, Assistant Vice President for the Longhorn Center for School Partnerships within the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement, announced Young’s termination, stating it was due to Young’s “past disciplinary history and recent events.”
Even with his termination from the university, long time fans who bleed orange are expected to rally around Vince in an attempt to motivate him to get back on his feet. Young has a lot going for him, and at this time really needs to take a step back and try to get some medical attention and assistance for himself. As long as he is giving it everything he’s got and he is getting the help that he needs, the University of Texas and its fans will always welcome him back with open arms.
Claire Coburn is an Intern Writer for Pub Sports Radio
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